Monday, February 22, 2010

How quickly did the week go?

Heck, I haven't posted for a week. But I've been busy being out and about and having a great time!

I had a girls weekend in Melbourne, leaving Friday night on the train and coming back Sunday evening. Oh my! I have a lovely set of friends here in town and you may remember last year we went to Hobart for the weekend. Well this year it was a weekend in Melbourne staying at an absolutely gorgeous Hotel Charsfield.

We came, we saw, we shopped! And shopped! And shopped!!

Plus we saw Mama Mia at the Majestys. It was fabulous. We were the only ones that dressed up in the audience mind you. We all wore Abba t-shirts and had big fluffy feather boas around our necks. Absolutely loved the stage show.

creashens has a gorgeous new kit called Dainty in the shoppe and I have had a fine time creating this page of the menagerie.


Off to bed, big week ahead considering I had an RDO today, I was calling it my recovery day after the weekend!


Lynne said...

As I said on Project 265, you do live a busy, interesting life. And now a weekend in Melbourne. My, my, my!

Lovely page; I have to ask: why was Molly in disgrace? Has she had the "collar" removed yet?

Simply Vixen said...

Abba t-shirts and big fluffy feather boas around our necks... oh I just can't wait to see those photos LOL

lovely page, carol!

Lisa Beth said...

Oh me too ... I want to see the Mamma Mia pics! :-) What a fun weekend that must have been!