Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday round up

Well even though we're in the middle of a long weekend here for Labour Day Monday public holiday, we were planning on 3 days of solid painting with the aim of getting the side of the house finished. Except it hasn't stopped raining, maybe oh for five minutes. It's raining cats and dogs out there at the moment. Nothing like the hail storm that Melbourne got, I was amazed when I saw the photographs in the Sun newspaper today.

Step son number 1 called in today on his way home to Melbourne. He has bought himself a car. And it's a gorgeous bright blue number. Of course I took photos! No more bike riding for him, at least not at this stage. He finds out on Tuesday whether his arm needs to be re-broken. Fingers crossed it won't. He said he's feeling good with it at the moment. We'll wait and see what the doctor says.

He really is so much like his dad, and when I took this photo I knew the flannies would have to take centre stage.


Credits here.

Amson asked about Molly in the comments. Thanks for asking. She's come along brilliantly. Must admit though these dissolving stitches dissolved I guess to a certain extent but that last one with the knot wasn't budging. It got to the stage last week actually I said right, I sat down on the floor and Molly came over and lay next to me with her head in my lap, I took a big breath and with the very blunt nail scissors went snip. Whew! I did have her head in a firm grip in case she moved. I picked my time though, it was late and she was sleepy.

So I went to pull at the stitch thinking it would pull out. Not to be. Arrrrgh. Mike came to hold her in case she got a fright, I held my hand over her eyelid area and with the other one I pulled more firmly and out it came.

And now she looks as good as new. There's a tiny little pucker where the cut must have been but if you didn't know you wouldn't see it. I'll post photos tomorrow.

A bit of dog psychology though which I thought interesting. If I'm sitting on the floor with Molly, Lucky has to come and just about jump all over us, not to be outdone, because it would be the worst thing in the world if Molly got more pats than he! But it was like he knew not to this time, I had my serious face on. He just came and sat up on the bed and watched. Not nudging me, not wanting to intrude, just watch.

I tell you, if people say that dogs aren't intelligent, they have no idea what they're talking about.

Off to watch V on telly. Mike promises it will be good. I'll hold him to that.


Simply Vixen said...

oh I just luv selective coloring, it's perfect for this page!

good luck getting the painting done, am still waiting to start *sigh*

oh dogs are smart, for sure!
I tell my Fritz all the time that "he's too smart for his own fur." and he is too, the bugger lol
so glad you got that stitch out!

Lynne said...

Glad to hear Molly's doing well. Lucky sure is one smart little fella! My dad used to wear flannelette shirts too so I felt a bit nostalgic! He would never wear red though, only blue!! LOL

amson said...

Thanks for Molly update. I thought she had been forgotten in other priorities. Dogs are definitely intelligent and pick up on feelings not spoken much quicker than humans.

If you need anther house to paint after yours, we are in need or urgent attention.

Love the layout and framing like an easel.