Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lucky

He's 2 years old today, my little buddy boy. I gave him a giggle ball. A very hard ball (heck it even had a Jack Russell pictured on the front of the package) with a giggly sound that it made when jiggled, although quite frankly it sounded like a duck more so. Anyway within oh about 2 minutes ... destroyed! He'd gotten the plug thing out, the giggling mechanism gone, and was quite enjoying chomping into the ball. Oh well. He had 2 minutes of absolute pure enjoyment.


Credits here.

Quite frankly, both of us couldn't imagine life without him.


Lynne said...

Oh no he didn't! He had two minute of fun and then several moments of great joy as he chewed it!! LOL

Did I tell you that Tomodachi (our cat) has a respiratory tract infection?

SaschkaH said...

Sounds like our man Vox (who is now 3). He lost his bed because he did that! Now everyone thinks I'm a cruel mummy because he has to sleep on the grass... :D

Victoria said...

Happy belated Birthday to the spirited little one!

Polly said...

Awww Happy birthday to the cutest little guy.

amson said...

2 minutes - not bad. Our aussie terrier is the same.

Simply Vixen said...

"it's my toy, and I'll kill it if I wanna"
you go Lucky!
Happy Birthday!

(love how he's jumping thru the page, carol)