Sunday, March 21, 2010

We wasted the weekend

We could have been painting. But Saturday went by in the blink of an eye with not a brush to be held. So Sunday comes and Mike gets up on the ladder and down it came.

The rain.
Not the ladder.
Heavens forbid.

So about one foot of undercoat of the top trim was about all that the weekend amounted to.

I did however garden on Saturday. Quite a foreign word for me. I don't garden. The plants we've had here have just grown. I don't water them. They've just been there. Goodness knows, they've never been fertilised or tended with care. I've never quite understood the people who would say "oooooh I can't wait for the weekend, I'm going to spend the entire time in the garden".

Are they crazy? Dirt under their fingernails? Yuck. Creepy crawlies. Yuck.

And yet here I was tending to the soil and planting plants with a frenzy. I've planted alyssum, columbine, stock and bright coloured geraniums in pots on the verandah. I kept going out there today to see if anything had happened. But they're still there. They haven't keeled over during the night. Now I'm waiting for an order of bulbs to come in and there'll be crocus, freesia and snowbells added to the mix.

Our little house is starting to have the cottage feel I've always wanted. I've even put a wicker chair on the verandah. Okay, so it's not a rocking chair, I didn't stoop that low to be so cliched!

I had a play the other day with a technique which was a lot of fun. Kind of Andy Worhol like. It's hard to get a smile out of number 1 stepson, he's so serious. He won't even remember this photograph, he'd had a few drinks at his sister's 18th birthday party and I snapped at the right moment. It will make a great addition to his album I will give him for his 21st birthday next year, just pages of him. Mike thinks boys won't appreciate a gift like this, like girls will, but I think he's wrong. I think that to see yourself in a glossy bound book will be something he'll like. We'll see anyway.


Credits here.

Off to bed for me. Have a big day tomorrow. Have to do a total of about 5 hours driving round trip, just for a 2 hour meeting. Ick.


Lynne said...

Very Warhol like! I think it's great.

I used to like gardening but WM took over more and more and now I can't stand it!

Have a safe trip to and from the meeting.

Simply Vixen said...

oh carol, you are so funny!
I play in the garden, altho come to think of it, I probably spend more time weed-whacking than gardening, oh well, I'm happy to be out and about in the warm weather, dirty fingernails and all lol

oh, and I do believe he will love his book, my nephew still has his from his summer vacations 10 years ago, and just how did'ya get that Warhol-effect? curious minds, and all that lol I dig it! (that sounds very 70s, huh? lol)

always a lovely visit!
thanks for sharing!

Amandac said...

I am totally with you on the gardening front Carol - I hate dirty nails and creepy crawlies *shudder* although I do love to look out of my windows at a nice native garden lol

I love your page - the Andy Warhol page is fantastic - I had a play with pop art the other month and it is a whole lot of fun!! And I think he will love his book - in a manly gruff sort of way but he will still love it secretly in his heart lol