Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey, two posts in two days, that's a record for me of late.

I mentioned at the start of the year we were painting the house. We're still enjoying it, but it's slow going, being that both of us work full-time. But a bit here and there at the end of the day being that it's day light saving, and weekends and days off, it's adding up. The front is all painted up now and we're starting on the side. YAY! I'm still not getting up on the ladder, the foot stool is high enough for me.

We've also got a new light for the front. We had a bare bulb up in the middle of the verandah, very ugly. We've had the electrician rewire so now have a lovely cream coloured coach light on the front wall next to the door.


Credits here.

I was able to one of Sharon's P365 Simple Sets templates here, which just goes to show these templates are completely versatile for multi-picture layouts, not necessarily for P365.

Time for bed. Over and out.


amson said...

So how is molly? I have come back to check if her eye is OK....

You are doing so well with the painting. I really need to do something here also. Just need more time in a day.

Amandac said...

Oh I love the simple set you chose Carol - it looks great with teh photos of mike painting away! Looks like you are both doing a fabulous job with the painting!

Simply Vixen said...

ok one question, who picked out the shirt? it's a perfect match to the blue house lol

luv this simple set, and can't wait to see more 20ten pages!

Lynne said...

Lovely layout!

What colour was the house before the painting started?