Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter


How has your Easter been? Full of chocolate? Hot cross buns? Family time? Church?

My brother and his wife and children came to visit yesterday to spend the day. It was a wonderful day. I had an easter egg hunt ready in the front yard for when they arrived. We never had easter egg hunts when I was little. We would just wake up and the kitchen table would be set for breakfast and there'd be easter eggs in our place settings. But David and Matthew did enjoy it yesterday. Lunch was a picnic down at the lake, we ate well and the fresh air certainly made us hungry. It was also a great place to get some photographs, so expect to see some scrap pages to come. :-)

Cheryl has a new kit with very bright coloured paper out at twolittlepixels called Bright at the End of the Tunnel. The colours reminded me of days gone by when easter eggs were wrapped in gorgeous coloured and patterned foils. They don't seem to be now do they?

Last night we went to my husband's ex-father-in-law's 70th birthday. Strange I know that we would be invited, but they are nice people and we all do get on. I guess we are an example of when divorce and separation doesn't have to destroy things. Britt and Tristan came home with us for Easter.

Although they weren't overly keen about the getting up for the dawn service this morning. We kind of sprung that on them at the last moment when they knew they couldn't back out in coming home here. So a 6am wake up call for them and we were dressed and out the door for the 6.30 start at the lake. Must admit though it didn't stop Britt from putting on makeup before we went out! Some things are sacred.

So home for hot cross buns and hot drinks and then everyone conked it. I went back to bed for a half hour, Mike fell asleep on the couch, Britt went back to bed and Tristan played X-box. Yep, some things are sacred!

So a bit of painting for me this morning, my back is now aching, I'm looking at the bed longingly but trying to hang off, if I shut my eyes I just might not wake up for a few hours.

Happy Easter to everyone.


Lynne said...

We didn't have Easter egg hunts as children either; can't remember how we got our eggs (definitely after church). We started hunts with Dd when she was small, and even though she will be 24 next week, she had an Easter egg hunt this morning!! LOL

6wk old GS#1 was given a soft duck toy that quacks. I was going to say "fluffy duck" but that could have a whole diffrent meaning!

Lynne said...

I forgot - happy Easter to you too!

Polly said...

DD just said they didn't have a hunt either however we always did, it was great fun and I made sure we had a great one for Ollie too. Brilliant morning although hyped up from all the choc.

Amandac said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Easter sweetie!

Simply Vixen said...

oh carol, am luv'n your foil eggs!
what a great card!

and now I wish I had some hot cross buns... hmmm do I have all the ingredients? lol