Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy weekend

Had such a busy weekend, haven't had time to scratch myself !

Friday night Mike and I went to an art show, we go to the opening night every year and it's fabulous. Nibbles and wine included. I had asked Mike whether he was planning to take me out to dinner beforehand. He said we didn't need to. Why so? I asked. He said "but we're getting nibbles at the show". I countered that nibbles does not a meal make. He countered back with "yeah, but if you eat enough of them, it does".

How do you argue with that kind of logic?

It was wonderful, we caught up with our old artist friend who exhibits every year and marvelled at his paintings. People are so darn talented.

Saturday saw my brother and new family head down to see us. Now, my brother's visits are very few and far between to my neck of the woods, because it's sooooooooo far away. Piffle. I will drive to Geelong and back in a day. But oh no, for him it's the other end of the earth to come here. This is the third time in 8 years he's been here. Yes, we're only 2 hours away at most, you can be as outraged as I.

Saturday was also probably the wettest, windiest, most horrid day of the year. Oh great for driving in, NOT. Kids were housebound, but were in their element playing with the menagerie. Brother looked like his throat had been cut. But my sister-in-law immensely enjoyed it, seeing another part of the state. And when cuddles abound with my new nephews, it's wonderful.


Oh and Mike ended up with a little shadow following him round all day. By the way, it's not just plain old Uncle Mike to Matt. It's "Uncle-Mike-My-Buddy" the full title, all or nothing.


And when you're tired out from a long drive, a big lunch and then all that playing together, this is the result. How angelic.


Then a late invitation had us heading out Saturday night for a curry night with friends in town. Which was an unexpected and totally wonderful night. Good friends (the ladies I went to Tassie with) and their husbands and kids, great conversation, lots of laughs.

Sunday we're exhausted. Didn't open my eyes until 9am, now that's unusual for me. Even the menagerie slept until then, even more unusual. They must have been worn out from the boys, ha!

Just showing a page I did recently here with cherpea designs goodies. Many many moons ago I travelled to New Zealand and together with a girlfriend who lives over there, travelled around the North Island. One of these days I'll scrap the photos. But the NZ postcard that Cheryl has in her Traveller kit had me digging out a small photo from those times.


Credits here.

So another week over and a new one about to start. Enjoy the week all.


esther_a said...

Thought you'd been quiet in cyberworld! Yes, Saturday was monstrously cold, wasn't it?!!!
Love the photos of your new nephews, especially the one with Mike.

Simply Vixen said...

great photos gf, luv Mike's new doo!
sure brings back memories of my nephews' visits here when they were boys (now that they're all grown up and in college, I never see them, but I do follow them around on facebook lol)

thanks for the eye candy, and the memories!


catsmum said...

I'm convinced that it's exponential because - in my experience - Castlemaine is twice as far from Melbourne as Melbourne is from Castlemaine, ergo it must be the same for you and Geelong :]

Victoria said...

What cute new nephews! I love the picture of Uncle Mike-my buddy. The photo of the two sofa crashers has quite the adorable factor going for it.

I'm with Mike about just eating more nibbles is often good enough. ;)

Great postcard style layout, too.