Thursday, July 16, 2009


That was the anguished text message I sent to my friend Lyn last night when Justine was eliminated from Masterchef. A firm favourite for us here. Both the show and Justine. I won't lie, I shed a few tears last night when even the judges were tearing up. Gosh I love Matt Preston. I love to see what he's going to be wearing next. Mike sheepishly told me he wore a cravat in his younger days when he would go clubbing. HUH? Errr right Mike, how times have changed.

Anyway back to Masterchef, what a great verdict tonight. Apart from Justine, Julie was my favourite. I love the way she cooks like how I want to be able to cook. Homestyle but with a flair that only she can. She totally rocks. Although she was so lucky tonight to scrape through to the finals. Roll on Sunday.


Oh and out of the three tonight I would totally buy Julie's book, but not the black squid stuff of Poh or the pigs trotters of Chris (eeek!), not my kind of cooking, let alone eating, urrgh.

Last week Sharon of [ksharonkdesigns] put out these fabulous abc cards. What could be more easy and absolutely perfect as a gift for friends with toddlers. I am totally going to make a set. Print them, laminate them for good measure, even better if you can put pictures of the child on the cards - little johnny with a B for ball, pretty sally in her p for party dress, that kind of thing, let the kids be the star of the cards.

Well my furbabies were the stars of my trial cards, dress them up with a ribbon, perhaps stitching a button or two, they are there for the picking!



Project 365 is humming along, still taking pics, just the getting them put on pages, why oh why did I not go with a template. Oh well, I'll get there. Mike thinks I went a wee bit far today with the photo taking. I had a hair appointment after work, cut and colour. And ladies, you know how you look when you have the dye gunk in your hair, right? Well I got the hairdresser to take my pic of me looking my most (in)elegant. hahahahahaha Mike just rolled his eyes.

Tomorrow he is getting his eyes tested, first time in about 20 years. Yes you read right, he hasn't changed his glasses in 20 years, and I am meeting him there to help him pick new frames, I'm that certain he'll need new glasses. He has warned me ... NO ! Do you even need to ask me what the question was, which incidentally I hadn't even asked. Hmmmph.


ksharonk said...

Did you perhaps want to photograph the whole process? ;)

Margaret said...

Don't let him get Clarke Kent glasses they are definitly out but they would go with a cravat and a double breasted suit ROL here.

*Christie* said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment about my Alaska pics! I can only take credit for some of them as my husband takes a lot of them too!

I saw your New Zealand postcard page on here - how neat!!

My husband went to NZ in 2007 and I made a whole scrapbook of his trip to give to him this past Valentine's Day!!
If you're interested you can see it here.

Yeah Christine (Calico) and I hang out from time to time, we live only about 15 mins from each other! She was one of the first people I connected with in the digi scrap world! Your dog looks just like hers!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Polly said...

Im so pleased Julie won - she really seemed to deserve it didn't she.