Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been absent

For more than a few days but I do have a good reason. I have a very very sore finger. Apparently (I say apparently because I can't remember doing it for sure) I burnt the top of my finger, I think it started as a steam burn after I lifted the lid on the microwave container when steaming the veggies. Tip and pad of my middle finger on my right hand.

Fabulous place, NOT. Do you know how many things you use this finger for. Okay, apart from flipping the bird which I do not do. But my goodness typing is horrible. I touch type so I can't get around using that finger. How many times does the letter i or a comma need to be in a passage of text. Urrrgh. Not to mention the scroll button on my mouse. That's that finger too. Then there's the calculator. I use it a lot at work and lo and behold I found out I use that finger on the calculator too. Try it. Just grab the calc and start making an addition, what finger do you tend to use? I bet it's the middle finger of the right hand, if you're right handed that is. So now I need to use Mr. Pointer and I keep pressing the wrong darn keys on the calc.

So the burning question is when is this finger going to heal? I fear my life as a hand model are well and truly over!

Enough about my finger. How about Masterchef. Fabulous finish. I actually didn't do myself too many favours when I ventured onto the Masterchef site on Saturday, just for a look see, and read some of the forum. OMG, people were out for blood that Julie got into the finals. I was absolutely horrified by the venom in some of the people's posts. I so wish I didn't read any of it. But it didn't cloud my enjoyment on Sunday night. I was in Masterchef heaven. Heck, I even made a celebratory pav for us to enjoy whilst watching it. And this week tv seems just so lame. Roll on series 2 and Julie's cook book. I'll be in line wanting to buy it for sure.

Now I popped back a few weeks and seems I've skipped a fortnight in the project pages to show off, so I'll pop it here then the latest one I've done. I'm still playing catch up, but I'll get there. I can't believe the year is more than half over and I'm still doing the project. It will be a real gift to us to be able to look back on the year, good bad and otherwise.



And now for the latest pages:


Being completely obsessive I have to finish the month on a double page, can't possibly start July on the same page as June, ha.


Credits here.

Now having done all that, me and my finger are going back to the loungeroom and having a nice cup of tea. Night night!


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh your poor finger! I unfortuantly burn myself reasonably frequently and it hurts!! Hope it heals quickly. Our household was very happy on Sunday night with the Masterchef final. Can't believe the show had such a following with so many strong opinions!!!

Tanya said...

I am still laughing at "celebratory pav". I hope your poor finger gets much better soon. Love Julie! And I love that last page of Lucky lol.

Polly said...

Im so glad Julie won - and I think she would have been more than pleased with your celebratory pav!

Amandac said...

Hey sorry to hear about your poor finger - I hope it's all better soon! Yay Julie won, I'm so happy, the whole fam9ily was cheering and clapping even hubby hahaha. I agree with you about the cookbook - there is no way I would have bought a book about cooking pigs trotters and cheek or black ink noodles!! yurk!!

Fabulous pages Carol - I know you bemoan the lack of a template but I have to say your pages are always so lovely and inspiring. I'm using a template and I have to admit being a little bored with it by now haha!

You are going so well with your project and your photos are looking amazing!! You just keep getting better and better!