Sunday, March 4, 2007

What a lazy Sunday!

I have pottered all day today and enjoyed it immensely. Lovely sleep in, hubby left early to go detecting. I've intermittently sewed and scrapped and baked and talked on the phone. Just wonderful! I'm such a homebody.

The cheeky monkeys deserved another page to be scrapped I think and I had been hankering for the perfect papers for this pic. ksharonk was unbelievably generous and sent me this kit after something silly I said on her blog, so I just knew this would be the perfect photo for it. Thank you once again for your generosity.

So I tried something a bit different with this photo. Have no idea whether it really works or not, but I'm somewhat pleased with how it turned out. It looks clever or at least different anyway. As for the subjects, I swear it doesn't matter what is in their presents at Christmas time, as long as that ever-present lollypop is tied to it.

Credits : ksharonk designs Delish Kit, plus the flower is from ksharonk designs Treasured Freebie. Stitching from Katie Pertiet.

Now off to do the last touches on Aliza's quilt ... yes I know, I'm *STILL* doing it! But I swear I'm in the home stretch.


ksharonk said...

Oh, you are VERY clever, Carol ... very clever indeed, glad you could use the kit! ;)

Bells said...

sounds like my kind of day. I am the biggest homebody. Isn't it lovely!

the cheeky monkeys are adorable! I think your work is so great!