Thursday, March 29, 2007

My cow obsession

You really are going to think I'm totally obsessed, and I'm not, truly. It's just that I'm finally getting round to scrapping these photos that I took a number of weeks ago when we visited the charming Alistair and got to spend time with his incredible Highland Cattle. I loved this background paper, thought it was perfect for this layout. I know I've put way too many pictures in for a clear and crisp layout but this really was a fun fun time and I was quite overwhelmed by these magnificent cows that I wanted to put as many as I could in the layout.

Background and papers – True North by Paper Moons
Frame Cluster by Luciana, together with a
Stitches – Tracy Blankenship stitches
Pin – by Leslie Reid
Writing Paper – Tia Bennett
Staples – by Shabby Princess from Shabby Fall kit
Tag - by Linda GB
Font – Milk & Cereal

I've really had a hard time hanging on this week at work and my mantra right now is "one more day, one more day" then I can have a relaxing weekend. Bring it on.


gwen said...

Your photo scrapings look very good and I think I won´t even start that hobby as well otherwise I won´t be able to stop as well. On the field near my place, there are new lambs and they do put a smile on my face as well when I see them jumping and running around. Take care.

Cheryl said...

Nope not too many photos, love Highland cattle myself too! Just the sheer beauty of them, they photograph so well.

Love your page.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love Alistair!!I think I have the right guy that you are talking about,fairly old and he was at the Noorat Show the last few years. I used to drive past his place to get to Mum and dad's coming home from Melbourne. I wanted to go to his big dispersal and buy up but Hub took exception! My neighbors got a cow and calf.Cjeers, Tracey

Bells said...

they are all great Carol. And I think you should call it 'husband and cows: a study' he he