Sunday, March 11, 2007

Breakfast at the 12 Apostles

We headed off nice and early this morning, no time for a Sunday sleep in this morning, to the 12 Apostles down the Great Ocean Road. Each year the Red Cross and Anti-Cancer Council hold a Breakfast down there to raise money for their various charities and it's quite wonderful. All that fresh sea air and being able to tuck into bacon and egg toasted sandwiches and pancakes and strawberries and cream, with lovely hot coffee or tea to wash it down with.

And of course the magnificent vista. (Check the formation at the front, that was the one that fell down).

But must admit, it was not a good day for men with comb-overs or women who'd like to have a decent picture taken!! ha

Took 3 shots and this was the best of the bunch. I wasn't the only one having the problem, but it was funny, looking around at other women getting their pics taken at different intervals. It was like we were all sharing the same common bond! What to do with wayward hair and that wind. Ahhhhh women of the world unite!!!


The Calico Cat said...

My husband & I were there on an exceptionally windy day too... (Almost a year ago by now on our honeymoon...)

Bells said...

i've so longed to go there. When we come visit, that's definitely one place I want to go. LOVE that photo of you!

happyrobyn said...

What gorgeous scenery! I would love to visit!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That's so close to where I grew up, I was spoilt by all those little inlets being our swimming holes! Now I realise how lucky I am! I may post a favourite pic I have of me there as a baby. Cheers, Tracey