Saturday, March 31, 2007

A great idea

I have hit on a great idea and I can share with you because she doesn't read this blog. Does anyone think it strange that I've never told my bestie that I have a blog? I always thought she'd think I was nuts, and to start with it was just about sharing crafty things, but now it's become a lot more, and now I want to share this, I kind of can't share it with her even if I wanted.

But you all can keep a secret, right? I've decided to do an album for her for Christmas! Maybe get it printed into a Shutterfly or Momento book. When I mentioned digi scrapping, she had never heard of it, so I'm pretty safe she won't be doing it herself. And what a neat way to be able to give her pics of her and her family, some pics she's never even seen, that I've taken over the years. I figure what? 20 pages? back and front? Oh boy, that's 40 layouts, that's a bit scary. Hmmmmm, maybe I better rethink this idea.

Anyway I have done 2 layouts so far, thought I'd share this one. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I like that I put the emus in colour in the middle (I meant to do that). Oh, and the tree I had growing out of poor S's head, took that out too (getting pretty darn clever with this Photoshop now!!!!).

I actually really quite like that pic of me and hubby too, and can you even believe it, but Eliza, the youngster in the photo, took that pic. Yep, couldn't believe it myself when I saw it!


Background paper – by Jamie Rousselle from The Blues Backpack
Postcards – Postcard Journalers by Katie Pertiet
Frame – Vintage Storyboard Frames by Katie Pertiet
Stitches – Tracy Blankenship stitches (I love these stitches, it makes the background look like canvas!!!!!!!)
Torn note paper – by Anna Benjamin of Paper Moons
Staples – by ksharonk from Delish Kit
Font – Christopher hand

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Bells said...

First up, I regret telling my bestie about my blog. She thinks it's a weird, stupid idea. She actually said, 'why does the internet encourage people to think there's an audience for their mundane scribblings. Get a journal.' We don't discuss the blog much anymore.

And I think that's a marvellous idea and you've started out brilliantly!!! Will look forward to seeing it all progress!