Friday, March 16, 2007

Felt a wee bit sad this morning

I sometimes don't think I'm cut out to be out in the country. I am a city girl at heart and there are things that upset me as I naively go about my business.

For instance, last night on the way home from work I was driving blissfully along, not a care in the world, and happened to look at one of the paddocks on the way home and saw a cow sitting in the middle of the paddock. It looked like it didn't have a care in the world either. It was sitting there with a big pile of hay in front of it. And I thought "Way to go Mrs. Cow!" She was on her own, didn't have to share, had that whole darn pile of hay to munch on and well quite frankly I reckon I'd be sitting there too if I was a cow. So I drove on happily thinking about the cow.

Then this morning driving to work, and I drive past that same paddock. And that same cow is still sitting there, but this time with a farmer and what looked to be the vet. I teared up as I was driving. That poor cow must have sat there the whole night, and it looked to have been a misty rain all night. So my happy-go-lucky cow wasn't so happy-go-lucky after all. And it really upset me.

I mentioned it at work when I got there and they said the cow had probably gone lame and so the farmer put the hay there for it to at least munch on till the vet could get there. Not sure if that was the story but it sounded plausible to me. But it really really upset me.

It wasn't there tonight as I drove home so I hope she's joined her other cow friends and is out in some paddock gabbing about her adventures of the night before. Because to think of any other conclusion to this story fills me with horror.

Yep, not really cut out for this life, huh?

Onto other things. Of course all roads lead to Rome and all topics lead to digi scrapping! ha. For the uninitiated (Bells!!) I've been having a play on one site where you get to do challenges. Like they will give you an element or a pack of papers or whatever and you come up with a page. It's amazing how the same thing can be used in a zillion different ways. This challenge had a template that was to be used. And I've really enjoyed looking at all the other ways people have used this template in the gallery.

So here's another gratuitous layout of my dog this time. I'm running out of good photo subjects so wanted something I could throw together for the challenge. But do have a look at the gallery I just linked, it's amazing to see the talent and how everyone can see something differently in how to use it. Love the creativity behind it all.

Patti Knox Web Challenge
Delish Kit by
Bubble – and then she said – by Ellen
Warm Bold Arrows by Kari Q
Kelly S white daisy
Fonts – Impact and Kidprint


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

The funny thing is, even if she wasn't sitting down, she still would have spent her night out in the drizzle! It's nice you care, but remember, this hip, happening cow is wearing leather! They often get paralysis after they calve and it can take a few days for them to get up but they can get up ...(mostly!)

Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi! I took a quick peek at your blog tonight. I got your site address from a favorite blog of mine...tracey@ozcountryquiltingmum.
I love the page you did of your dog. We've got one that my kiddos always tease me about saying she is my other daughter. heehee They just don't know how close to the truth they are.
sorry about the cow...hope she is in the barn getting some rest and relaxation.
Have a great day and thanks for letting me peek...feel free to come on over my way anytime,

Bells said...

oh that's painfully sad. I think you are cut out for the country Carol. You're connected to it - that's what that story tells me.

I have been meaning to send you a picture of my nephew to give you something to work with. I will if you want???