Sunday, March 25, 2007


What a weekend. How can two teenage girls wear me out like this. Getting older perhaps? (me, not them).

We had Buskers yesterday. A big festival with displays and food and music all though the street and down to the village green. Lots of fun. But it was COLD!!! Intermittent showers and a cold wind, with a teasing peek of sunshine every now and then. We should have known better, it's ALWAYS cold at Buskers. I think every year I've been.

Step-daughter number 2 and best friend stayed the weekend, hubby is just taking them home now. It's like a whole new language with teen girls I've worked out. It's like we as adults just don't understand them any more. They can look at each other and be in fits of laughter, but we've missed the punchline. Getting older perhaps? (again me, not them).

Must share with you a couple of photos. I entered into a competition with Animal Health Australia, with the subject having to be livestock. There were three categories - Animal Health, Animals in Action and Animals in the Landscape. Here are the shortlisted winners. Some amazing photographs. I just love that winner in Animals in the Landscape 'Sheep in the Mist' by Adrianne Yzerman. It's such a great photograph.

Here are my two entries, totally not up to the par of the winners, but I had fun scooting around the district here and making my aquaintance with the local cows! haha (Pictures have been framed and shadowed merely for this blog, the actual entry had to the be the raw photo).


Bells said...

you know what Carol? I do love that sheep photo and can see why it was recognised, but you do yourself a great disservice by saying yours weren't up to par. I think yours are fantastic. I don't know how much you know about 'constructing' a photo, about composition, but your cow photos are really quite special. I showed them to Sean and he knows a bit about these subjects and he thought your cow photos were really wonderfully composed!

Bells said...

ps go and see what I wrote about your photos on my blog!

Clare said...

Am beginning to learn abit about teenage girls (including the sulks). Great photos.

Cinnamon Jewels said...

Good on you for entering! I think they're great :)