Monday, March 12, 2007

Jack High!

Hubby played his first penant bowls tournament today and loved loved loved it. I think he actually liked the seriousness of it all. Not like on a Wednesday night when we play twilight bowls and I make everyone do a 'happy dance' if they do a good shot! ha. None of that happening today.

I went down to take some pics and just from that short time I was there, a good atmosphere was all around, jovial ribbing, good natured gentlemen, and some really darn good bowls being played.

So of course never missing an opportunity now, I had taken my camera with a view to scrapbooking the event. Now something I must ask other scrapbookers. It's never occurred to me before, I usually just aimed and shot at anything that moved or didn't move. But now I'm thinking of the perfect scrapbook shot, a great moment, the perfect expression, and the title of the page, or what I could journal. It's all consuming now and it's like taking a picture has taken on a whole new meaning. Are other scrapbookers like this too?

The journalling reads:

Pretty excited this morning, playing in your first Pennant Match with the club. Conversation went like this –

Me: Have you got everything?
You: [Pats down pockets] Yep, got everything.
Me: Are you sure?
You: [Impatiently gasps] YES I’m sure!!
Me: [Pointing inside]
You: [Sheepishly comes back in and picks up bowls]

Credits :

Background paper by Amy Kropp – Be True paper pack
Graph paper by Rhonna Farrer – Vintage Label paper pack
Stitches – Katie Pertiet Messy Stitches and Meredith Fenwick Stitch-o-rama
Frames – Katie Pertiet Vintage Storybook frames
Alpha – Katie Pertiet Aged Alpha (recoloured)
Postcard – Katie Pertiet – Postcard Journallers


The Calico Cat said...

Yes, I think other SBers are like that - not that I have SB'd in years... (There was NO space in my previous abode and now the fabric has taken over this space...) I am glad that you included the layout, as I was thinking that you were talking about bowling in a bowling alley - not lawn bowling... (Isn't it funny how there are differences in meaning in the same language...)

Bells said...

I LOVE it. As I said before, he's a worthy subject! he looks so serious at his play! LOL!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, calling back here as you are no reply on comments and no email address.( Since I set up a hotmail account just for blogging purposes i have been able to get a heap more information about the things I'm interested in on people's blogs because their comments and email address go straight to your inbox and you can reply straight back to their email, rather than back to the blog-bit of trivia.)
Anyway...I have Helen Kelley's book,but thanks so much for the thought and effort and if you trawl back through my posts to around Christmas you will see a few of the other good quilt books I was given (pretty much by me!)
Cheers, Tracey