Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Well while the cat is away the mouse will play, isn't that how it goes?  Mike has been away camping this weekend, chasing the gold stuff.   So for me there were a few MUST DO's.

Scrapping - check
Knitting - check
Watch girly movie - check  (Time Travellers Wife ... very good!)
A bit more scrapping - check
Only a little bit of housework - grudgingly check
And a whole lot of relaxing - a big check!

Mike is now home and I think I can safely say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !

The menagerie enjoyed my undivided attention.   I wanted to practice on Manual.
They obliged by ignoring me.

Then Bo decided to sit on the porch and ignore them.

Every now and then Molly decided to do guard duty and check out who was going past.

But mostly she just slept.
She's old.   That's what she does.  She's earnt it.  Look at those elbows.

While Lucky continued to chew on his toy.

And now Mike is home with a whoop.  Nine hits of gold!
Okay so it doesn't weigh much, they're only small.   But still ... nine hits!

And I decided to gather the Anzac Day photos (and I intermingled a couple in from previous year close ups of the veterans too, for this page, documenting how we spend Anzac Day each year.   He literally does look like a pied piper there with them following him down the main street.


Now off to pack my bags, back to Melbourne tomorrow for work for more training, and an overnight stay.  Which means I get to shop in the city tomorrow afternoon, YAY!   One thing for sure, I won't be upgraded again this time, I'm back to the Holiday Inn again.  Oh well.


ksharonk said...

I'm jealous that you are shooting Manual ... I'm still struggling to make it happen. Enjoy your shopping afternoon, I'm jealous about that too, lol!!! :)

Bells said...

oh i do love a girlie weekend at home. I don't get enough of them - one or two once in a while would be nice.

And esp with some gold at the end!

Lynne said...

Sounds like oyu had a lovely weekend. Congratulations to Mike on his finds.

Enjoy your training and overnight stay.

Lynn said...

LOVE the photos of your fur babies! And congrats to Mike for striking gold!