Monday, April 9, 2012

Four day weekend has come and gone

Well the weekend is over, chocolate has been had, family time spent, how quickly it all went by.

Easter Sunday morning had the alarm going off at 5.30am !  Eeeek.   For once it was easy for Miss 19 year old as she now has a job that entails her getting up at that hour, so she bounded out of bed like it was the easiest thing in the world.  Thankfully it was not a cold morning, so we didn't have to go down the coats, scarves and beanies route.   It was quite mild.

So off to the Easter Sunday dawn service we went.  Mike was playing the pipes and we were joined by around 40 other people.  It was nice.  It's a nice way for the community to come together, although the crowd surely is dropping in numbers.   Afterwards we were treated to coffee and hot cross buns for breakfast and little chocolate easter eggs down by the lake.  A lot of chatting to people, and then home.

Not long after that Mike dropped off on the couch, Miss B was watching telly, and to be honest, I crawled back into bed around 9.30, I felt like half the day had gone by!  I'm definitely not one for early mornings!

And I'm pleased to say, regarding that horrible car accident we came upon on Saturday, there were only minor injuries.  How, I have no idea.   Here's a link to the article in the local newspaper showing the car we saw, not much left of the cabin.  I'm still thankful that we were delayed, even by five minutes, from passing that spot, after reading about the accident, we were travelling in the same direction as the car that the young lass went head on into.

On the scrapping front, my year of scrapping just for the heck of it, I finally downloaded the photos I took with my phone camera when I recently had to stay over in Melbourne for work.  You may recall I mentioned that when I checked in, they told me they had upgraded me.  Woah, if that wasn't enough, it was a five room suite, all to myself.  Such luxury.  Definitely something that NEVER happens to me.  I remember dancing around from room to room on the phone to Mike telling him ... "Now I'm in the bathroom, now I'm in the study, now I'm in the loungeroom..." you get my drift.


Credits Designer Digitals

Love this pop of green as a background paper (Sharon Green perhaps?!?!?), it goes so nicely with the brown and black.   Self portrait in one of the bedroom mirrors!  te he  How sweet it is indeed.

Back to work tomorrow, only a 3 day week for me, I have Friday off.  Yes I know I know, ANOTHER day off?  But I'm doing something extra exciting.  Details to come.


ksharonk said...

Oh yes, that is indeed 'Sharon green' ... how much fun for you! I love classy accommodation! :)

Chocolate Cat said...

What an upgrade!!!! Shame you had to go to work and couldn't just stay there for a few days and enjoy it! Glad you had a nice Easter (except for the accident), I have Friday off work as well this week but nothing exciting planned????

Lynne said...

Wow! That sure was an upgrade!