Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend highjinks

I have had the busiest of weekends, and the funnest of weekends.   Funnest?   Is that a word?  Well it is now.    My friend Esther and I had plans to spend it in Melbourne on a photography extravaganza!    We were the papparazzi of Melbourne, no doubt.

Amongst other things, we did shopping, we conquered the Myki system, we met up with Jenelle one of our scrapping friends from Designer Digitals, we walked, OH HOW WE WALKED! (and my calf muscles are still complaining), we ate wonderfully, we did a night photography class in the city, we were accused of being spies ;-) and were given a private tour on a docked museum war ship in Williamstown before it was opened to the general public.   All in a weekend.   Woah.

I have oh so many photographs and now have to work out how to scrap them, but I'm so pleased with some of the night photography class photos I took.   Everyone had these big bazooka tripods and I had my flimsy one, so I struggled a bit on the bridge over the yarra, being that my tripod wasn't quite tall enough to miss the hand rail, but I'm still pleased with those shots, and I loved the ones I took down on southbank.

Firstly, here's a photograph of meeting Jenelle in the gardens in Carlton.   Never having met 'in real life' so to speak before, it was like we'd been meeting every week for years, we didn't stop talking.   Jenelle's boys are too cute too, and a big thank you to Nick for the fabbo photo of the three of us, using my big girl camera.


And here are my three favourite photographs from the night class. Believe me, I took a LOT of duds too! But now I'm so jazzed, although I'd be lucky to find a car driving up our main street of a night here. I do want to learn more, there's something a bit magical about all the lights.



And this is my very very favourite photo I took that night:   I think if I never take another photograph in my life, I'll be happy that I've taken this one.


More photos during the week of my fabulous weekend!

Now on the scrapping front, if you are wanting a great bargain, Designer Digitals is having their Paper Pack and Template Sale.   Over 3,200 Paper Packs and Templates in the store are now marked down 30% all week except for new releases which are marked down 20%.   The sale ends on Saturday morning the 21st of April.   Go forth and grab some bargains.  You won't be disappointed. 


Fiona said...

Wow!!! fabulous photographs Carol - what a wonderful weekend to have had, even with the aching muscles Lol!

Chocolate Cat said...

Those night photos are amazing!!!

Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time; the photos are great.