Sunday, May 6, 2012

What happened to the weekend?

I swear I flitted it away somewhere.  I haven't done much this weekend at all, and yet here it is pushing onto Sunday evening and I've not got much to show for it.  And it's cold and the fire is going and what have I planned for dinner, but chicken and salad, yikes!  I didn't plan that very well did I?

I'm too-ing and fro-ing over television viewing tonight with Masterchef starting.  What to do?  What to do?  I love Masterchef, but it's such a big investment to get sucked into a series that will last nigh on 3 months or so.  With Biggest Loser about to finish, I was going to have a break from reality TV for a while (is that even possible?) and now Masterchef is hot in its heels.

You know I will get sucked in, don't you?

Our new driveway was laid last Friday so it's been down just over a week.  Let me backtrack.  Mike had taken me past a house that had salt creek stone laid.   Now we have quite a wide driveway and I knew I didn't want it concreted.  Up until now it's just been dusty hard dirt and we're sick of the dust swirling every time the wind gets up.  So I quite liked this stone driveway I saw.   So finally we've got it down, I was very excited to come home from work to see and mind you when I arrived home it was nearly 6pm so not the greatest light.

OMG, it was horrible.  It was no better than what was there earlier, just a different colour.  I nearly cried, all that money wasted.  Poor Mike, I walked in the door and before I even said "honey I'm home" I took onelook at him and said "I hate it".

Well ... apparently we have to wait until it looks like the driveway we had previously seen.  Over the course of the rain during winter, the sand (which was what I was seeing) will settle to the bottom and the lovely creamy, grey and salmony pink stones will be more prominent.

I am reserving judgement.   Photos forthcoming.

On the digi front...

So my step-daughter is an absolute hoot.   She comes out with the best one-liners as status updates on her facebook, and I just knew I would need to save them on a page in her album.   I have chuckled all the way through making this page.  Oh and I have "borrowed" her profile pic to make the page complete.  :-)


I could quite easily make a part 2 to this page, I really had a lot of funny status updates to pick from.   Such a goldmine.  And if the page looks familiar, I did do one very much like it some time ago for my step-son's album.  

Now, the last thing I am planning to do tonight is go kettle shopping.  Oh the joys of online shopping.   Isn't this pretty, and you do know that red will go faster, don't you ...

Pssst Sharon, if you are reading this, they had "Sharon Green" kettles too!

Enjoy the upcoming week everyone, won't you.


esther_a said...

I have no idea where the weekend went! As for the driveway - maybe good things come to those who wait?!

Polly said...

Its been a crazy weekend for us, please do show us photos of your driveway, Im sure its not so bad?