Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Saturday night

And it was curry night at the G House!  Mmmmm it was delicious too.   During the week I have no interest in cooking, I get home 6pm or later, then I cook dinner, sometimes it's past 7pm by the time we eat.   Yes I know, I have a husband who works from home, why isn't dinner ready for me when I get home you may ask?  Well you can keep asking!!

But weekends, I have the time (and the inclination) and I like to make something new.  I remember going to a demonstration hosted by Gabrielle Gate once ... whatever happened to him?  You never see him on telly any more?  Anyone?  Anyway, I remember him telling the audience that to just make once new recipe a week, just one, by the end of the year you have a possible 52 new recipes to add to your repertoire.  I love that he called the every day recipes we make a repertoire!

So after tasting the curry tonight, Mike gave it a thumbs up, so yep, I guess it made it to my repertoire!

On the scrapping front...

I had a play today and scrapbooked the great photo young Nick took of Jenelle, Esther and I, when we had a lovely afternoon together in Melbourne a week back.   I don't usually turn my photos B&W and they certainly weren't when I started this page, but because of the bold blue and green combo I used, the photos worked better in B&W.   I might have to B&W my photos more often.


Miss Molly G...

Okay well we may be having a few new problems with the old girl.   She's had this little pimply type thing in the corner of her eyelid and of course I've been googling and found all manner of horrific photographs, but nothing that looked like this.  It's now clustered a bit, not enough to be annoying to her, and it certainly doesn't hurt her, but it's enough to worry me.  So off to the vet we went yesterday.

We had Dr. Gavin this time, and once again TERRIFIC service at the new vet clinic we're going to in town.  He spent a great deal of time with us, even drawing on the whiteboard what he thought was going on in her eyelid to show us.  He believes she may have another growth.   Not like last time, it's a different eye, it looks completely different.  But that's what he thought.   Or... possibly a ruptured blood vessel, I think that's what he said.  

We had long since said that there's no way we'll put Molly through another operation.  She had her op for the growth on her eyelid early 2010 and it took her so long to get over that.  She was miserable, it took her a while to bounce back, and I think at 13 or 14 it's just not a road we want to go down with her again, it's not fair on her.  

Dr. Gavin said we had two options, to surgically remove it which is easier whilst it's small like this than if it gets bigger and gets roots if it is a growth which it seems to be.  Or leave it.  He checked Molly all over and surprisingly said her heart was really strong, he even felt she may have another 2 to 4 years in her, which isn't unheard of, but she's leading such a good life with us that he felt it was possible.   

Mike and I looked at each other, that put a different spin on things.   What to do?

They only operate on Wednesdays anyway and next Wednesday being Anzac Day there'll be no surgery so at best the next surgery is 2 weeks away.  So we've decided to give it 2 weeks.   If it is a blood vessel he said it could just disappear as strangely as it appeared.   If it's a growth we've decided if it's the same size or larger, we'll go ahead and book in an op for the next available surgery date.  Which apparently will be a minor procedure.   If it's reduced in size, then that's good, we'll just let it keep reducing until it's gone.

I am looking at her now, she's asleep by my side.   I came up here to type this blog post and she followed me up.  Poor Mike has been left to his own devices watching whatever movie he is watching.  Molly definitely is my shadow.  


Chocolate Cat said...

I like to try a new recipe weekly but more often than not I stick to a tried and true favorite!!! This week it was a slice! I think I heard Gabriel Gate was now living back in France???? Poor Miss Molly, these decisions are so hard to make but usually have a way of working out, you have 2 weeks to make a decision and you will know the right thing by then to do.

Lynne said...

Fingers crossed that it works out well.

esther_a said...

Well, I DID see Gabrielle in the Port Arlington supermarket a few years back... getting his groceries! Somehow it doesn't seem right that a celebrity does their own shopping! I cooked yabbies the other day - using one of his recipes form Le Tour de France! He does the food segment for each day of the Tour - so I guess he IS in France!
Poor Molly. If only you could ask HER what she wants!

Polly said...

I just love that it is coming into Curry Season. I hope all goes well with Molly, poor darling.