Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Long Weekend

I have been looking forward to this four day long weekend for ages.   Just wanting a break away from work, just to chill, and day one is over.   And chilling is what we're doing tonight!  Brrrrr.  After quite a warm day in which I had the AC on for a while, it's turned really chilly, windy and rainy late this afternoon and tonight I've even got woolly socks and a jumper on.

We have Miss B staying tomorrow night, how nice.  She wants to come to the dawn service on Easter sunday morning with us.  Terrific.  So I'm planning a lovely dinner tomorrow night, and I've made some more "bunny tails" today.  te he.  That's what I'm calling chocolate truffles.

I made some bags recently and they turned out so well, I made up a silly little poem to put on the front.  I don't use my scrapping in this way too often, I mainly just make pages and put them in books.  It was fun.

Credits Designer Digitals

How cute is that little bunny from Lynn's Sugar Rabbit kit !

I hope your Easter is filled with lots of love and happiness and safe times, and hot cross buns!  ;-)  Okay so I have a firm stance that I WILL NOT have a hot cross bun before Good Friday.  I totally blew it this year.  I broke into them a week ago.  Sooooo delicious1

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ksharonk said...

What a cute idea, Carol ... I haven't seen this before. A 'Carol original' perhaps? Have a safe and happy Easter with your family ... Sharon :)