Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Sunday night

The weekends are going so fast, heck the weeks are going fast too. Less than 4 months till Christmas, is that crazy or what? Haven't we just had it? I need to seriously get my butt into gear and start taking stock of where I'm up to with gift shopping, yep you know me, I like to get things as the year progresses.

I've mentioned my new American nephews before, many times actually! I'm quite in love with both of them. However young Matthew took one look at Mike and decided that he would be "his buddy" for life. That's what he calls him. It's usually something like "Hey, Uncle Mike my Buddy". It's really cute. So when they are here he becomes Mike's shadow. Just quietly I think Mike is revelling in it.

So it was very easy taking these photos during one visit, because Matthew was never more than one foot away from Mike at any given time!


creashens new kit called simply XO was perfect, loved the colours, loved all the fun elements in it. Go check it out at Catscrap.

I think today was the first day without rain in ... well ... in quite a while. We took the dogs down to walk along the side of the golf course just down the road late this afternoon. That's their favourite walk along there, although the ground was still soft. Only a couple more days and Spring will have sprung. I wonder if the weather will too?

So with that it's time to go get my work clothes ready for tomorrow. And surely enough the weekend will rock around in lightening speed again.

So with that, it's time to go get my work clothes ready and start thinking about bed.

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Polly said...

I just love those photos of Mike and his new little nephew - trouble afoot???!!!