Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of the week

Not for some but it is for me. Still using my extra time that I've been working up off. Got to love flexi time. A few long weekends and I'll have recharged good and proper.

Some dear friends of mine are going through a hard time. Her mother is very sick in hospital and it doesn't look good so they've been up and back around the clock. With family flying in from interstate to be with their mother, they rang me in a moment of desperation last night, I'd not long gotten home from work, if I can come look after their kids while they took another drive in to see her.

Of course, without a moment's hesitation I was there within a minute. But young Miss K has been beside herself and was in tears and didn't want her dad to go. What to do? I really don't have experience with teary young girls. So I took her into the loungeroom and sat on the floor with her and said that mummy really needed daddy to be with her when they went to the hospital so daddy could look after mummy. And that I give really good hugs so would she like one from me. With that she sidled up to me and their big old dog came over and gave a slobbery kiss. I asked her was it okay if I told her daddy to go with her mummy and she said a tearful yes. So I ducked into the kitchen quickly and told them to vanish, we'd be okay.

She was still a bit teary while we lay on the loungeroom floor, playing dominoes with her brother and cousin, hiccupping every now and then. Until their little dog Odie, a fox terrier/whippet funny as all get out dog decided to come over and hump my arm. Well tears were well and truly forgotten as the kids fell about the loungeroom floor rolling over in hysterics.

Got to hand it to a dog to know when to break the tension huh? Good on you Odie. I owe you a treat for that. Even though my arm doesn't thank you.

Show and tell time again. Here's a page I did recently of my nephew surrounded by toys in his bedroom. They were in the process of packing up their house after it sold and so whilst the toys would be normally packed away, they were EVERYWHERE! Using these fun new Masked frames from creashens at Catscrap.


Credits here.


Margaret said...

You are a star lovely story of friendship and trust. Loved your photos of the bollards and seacapes.

Polly said...

There is nothing better than a Carol cuddle. I bet you made that little girl feel 100% better.