Monday, August 23, 2010

A sad day indeed

My last blog post I told of some dear friends who were going through a hard time with her mum in hospital. Well the darling lady passed away on Friday night with her family around her. Her funeral was today. My friend is one of the ladies from town I go away with each year and whilst she was surrounded by her family today, the other three of us held tight to each other giving her strength.

A couple of things stood out for me today. Family is all important. And it pains me to admit I'm still having difficulties with my own mother when things started astranging (is that such a word?) late last year. Whilst I am trying to meet her half way, she doesn't seem able to do likewise, but I will still try.

Another thing that stood out for me is that we must laugh, every day. We must celebrate ourselves. They told a story at the funeral which just about brought the house down and I know Mrs. C would be smiling as we were laughing so hard. They relayed a story about one day when my friend and her mother were driving somewhere and Mrs. C said in her unmistakenable accent "these GPS things, they are so good for employment". "Why so mum?" my friend replied. "Well they employ so many people, there's a lady working for you, and a lady working for your brother, and a lady working for your father". My friend went on to explain the intracacies of satellites. Honest to God, Mrs. C thought there was a camera on each of the GPS's that was relaying back to a lady at a call centre so she could tell you what direction to take as she viewed the road conditions ahead. "Well that was very silly of me" she went on to say.

I think I'll remember that story for as long as I live and will always think of it with a smile for Mrs. C.

So share the laughter people, celebrate that in ourselves which will bring a smile to others.

Before I go I will share something of myself. Another All About Me page. Are you getting sick of them yet? The challenge was to describe a typical day.


All products Designer Digitals. Oh and no dogs were harmed in the making of this page. I promise I'm not strangling Molly, truly. I think I was holding her head up just briefly. The photo looks a bit weird, as does my hair just quietly.


Mr Lonely said...

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Susie Roberts said...

Love this page Carol. So sorry to hear about your friend's mum!
I sent you an email via your blog email address a few days ago, so just want to check you received it.

amson said...

So sorry to hear about your friends mum. But how lucky to have family around her.

Polly said...

Very sorry about your friends mother Carol, but you are right. Family are so special. I hope that you can get back on track with your own mum xx