Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm sick of the rain

Is that bad to say while we are essentially still a country in drought? I'm sure I've said it a few times recently, I'm over it! Winter be gone. It's been a bitterly cold winter (by our standards) and wet. Oh my goodness, it hasn't stopped raining here. I'm sick of the dogs being wet when they've gone outside, traipsing muddy paws in, I'm sick of the grass always being wet when I walk across it to the post box, I'm sick of the house always being wet because I want to finish this darn house painting we've started, and I'm sick of the weekends being wet because I can't get out and about and do what I want outdoors.

There, I've had my whinge. But I'm not finished.

Yesterday we had the worst conditions I've seen in a long time. Torrential downpour started about 3.30am and was so loud it woke us up. And it rained. And rained. And rained. It was grey and gloomy and windy, and it didn't stop raining here all day. I decided to get home while it was still light, and thank goodness I did. I had to cross flooding which cut the road on the way home three times.

I got through the first and thought okay there's no going back, because it would have been higher if I had turned around. Everyone was taking it really easy and when we hit the water again the cars all took it in turns to drive down the centre of the road where at least the road was a bit higher, but still you could hardly see the white line the water was so high. In fact when it was my turn it must have been lapping at the underside of the car because I could feel my feet getting really cold.

Today on the way to work, the water had drained from the road, but the paddocks are all water ladened. I must take my camera tomorrow and grab a few snaps. I spotted one paddock which had a bit of a rise and some sheep and lambs had been caught at the top with water all round them.

Remind me of all of this when soon enough we will hit summer and I'll be complaining about the heat, will you.

creashens has a beaut new kit out, as a collaboration with Cinnamon Designs, called Simply Boy. Lots of browns and neutrals, my favourite colour to scrap with. It also contains this great quote "I wished and wished upon a shining star and you came true". It was perfect for this page of my nephew. He would say to me so often "Oh Aunty Carol, all I want for Christmas is my very own dog". Or in the case of birthdays it would be the same plead for a dog of his very own. Then last year they got Tilly who is a Gordon Setter. I've never seen one of these dogs before, they are very lanky and kind of plod along and so skinny. She really is a sweet dog.


Well with that I'm off to bed, to dream of a nice dry day tomorrow! here's hoping.


esther_a said...

Well, maybe you'll just have to go visit a friend who lives a little bit further north where it's warmer and drier! ;)
I'm glad the worst of it is over and that you didn't get washed away!

Polly said...

I so agree Carol, Im sick of the rain too. My kids are tetchy my washing is overflowing and we all need a little bit of sunshine.