Sunday, September 5, 2010

Building an ark

We're just about at the stage of building an ark down this neck of the woods. The rain hasn't stopped and at times it's been torrential. Last night it was blowing a gale too and oh about 10pm we were watching telly and the power kept going out. Only for about 15 seconds or so and come back on. But I got sick of fixing the clocks every time! This happened randomly over the next half hour about 8 to 10 times. Then 10.30pm it went out completely.

So out came the candles, oh and Mike had his miners light on his head, very original! It's so strange looking out the front window and seeing the street in complete darkness. So we sat there a while and then decided we may as well go to bed. Making sure first that all the switches were off ... except we forgot one ... the bedroom. So just after midnight when the power came back on, whack! Bright light in the bedroom waking me up. Mike however would sleep through anything.

So this morning we're ready for our Sunday morning viewing of The Insiders. Strange but true, I like this Sunday morning breakfast ritual of ours. And no Channel 2. No SBS. No 7 or 10. We could only get 9. We've since found out that the repeater station has come down so we are now left with only one TV station. 60 minutes will score big in the country ratings in this town tonight! ha. Obviously channel 9 have their own repeater station and that was left okay by the storm.

My poor garden is being pummelled. Well it got pummelled earlier in the week when Molly decided to lay in it, squishing all my plants in that area. So Lucky decides to get in on the act and all the pretty coloured ranuncula's, he has deheaded. Little rascals. Okay so I said more than "little rascals" I will admit. They were banished to the backyard when Mike found their reign of terror. So once this rain stops one of these days, I will get back out there and refix my garden. Although with this rain all the stock flowers are just about laying flat.

Roadside Designs is guesting at Sugar Hill at the moment and she created this amongst other templates for that purpose. I just had to scrap this series of photos, young Matthew my nephew is such a character and loves hats. On a recent visit down here he decided to try on every hat we could find and of course be photographed (which he will live to regret when he's older I'm sure) particularly wearing my purple shower cap!!! Yes, I tell the truth, that *IS* my showercap. Fabulous isn't it? Given to me by a friend who obviously knows my personality perfectly. :-)


I've revisited the Reasons kit by creashens which has such great colours which I think look smashing with these B&W photographs.

Well the rain is still coming down so better go stoke up the fire and batten down the hatches.

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Margaret said...

True , true the stocks don't like all that rain, however isn't it great to see water water everywhere.