Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AAM #01

I'm playing along at Designer Digitals with their All About Me Challenge. It does sound absolutely self-indulgent but I'm enjoying it. Although I do appear in the pages I make, to actually scrap about one's self is quite daunting, putting it out there for future generations to read.

How amazing would it have been to read things, inner most thoughts, likes and dislikes of our relatives from years gone by. That's why I do this. One of these days I'll get Mike to answer the same type questions and put together an AAM for him, that's the one his kids will cherish.

But at the moment you've got me, ha. So for all you may have wanted to know, for all you couldn't care two hoots about, and then some, here it is. And I challenge you, even those of you who do not digi scrap, to ask yourself the same questions, answer it honestly, write it all down in a journal, or better still blog it! It's quite therapeutic.

So this first challenge was basically all about my likes, dislikes, favourite things, etc. Lots of fun. Hey Grasshopper (yes you! you know who I'm talking about), I think this is something you could do as well. What do you think?


Credits here.

I don't actually mind this photo, I needed a quick photo for the front page of my P365 album from last year, so I snapped it at the start of this year, being that I did my first page of that album last. It was before I went to work, grabbed the camera, ran into the bathroom, aimed at the mirror and snapped.

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Lynne said...

A lovely page, Carol. I also don't like to be touched when sleeping ;-)