Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday arvo

Sunday arvo in this neck of the woods. Roast lamb is cooking, smelling mighty delicious I might add. I've painted, yay! The rain held off. Nearly finished the side of the house now, just the high bits which Mike will get done when he can. I even gardened this morning. Me?!? Of the no gardening fame. I can't quite believe it myself. But I'm fascinated with the bulbs that I had planted starting to spring forth. I can't wait to see the colours when they come, but that's still a while off surely? Bulbs don't flower in winter do they? I have absolutely no idea. I think it's the ranunculas and the freesias that have started popping through the soil.

Bear with me, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.





We went to a 75th birthday surprise afternoon tea yesterday which was lovely. Just happened to be at the home of the friends with the puppies, so you can imagine where I spent a lot of my time! ha. They are adorable. So warm and cuddly. I have fallen in love with a darling one with a half tan head and a half white head with a polka dot on the top. But we can't have a third dog, no we can't, I'll just keep saying that to myself.

I couldn't resist snapping this yesterday. Get ready to say awwwwww!


Creashens is guesting at The Lily Pad at the moment, and this page was made from a kit she created especially for the guest spot, Some Kinda Wonderful. And that it is!

Haven't they grown in a couple of weeks from this, yet another awwwww moment!


Credits here

(This was actually a square page, but white on white you can't see the edges!)

The computer program started at work, apart from a few bugs and the panic of not knowing how to do certain things, it looks fairly user friendly. Our first pay run will be the telling factor though! But it has made for an interesting past week, just trying to work our way around something different.

As for our first cars in my last post discussion, Catsmum mentioned at Hillman Hunter, oh that takes me back, I remember my grandpa had a Hillman, in probably that same shade of green tht my Datsun was, it was quite a horrid colour but obviously quite trendy for the time. And Lynne has mentioned the Ford Cortina, was it one where the lights at the back kind of poked up, like little cat ears on the back of the car? We had one of those, a white one, when I was growing up. Ahh! Memories.


esther_a said...

My mother had an old green Hillman. She used to have to crank it up quite often to get it started. It had rust holes in the floor so we could see the road going by. So funny!

Lynne said...

No cat-ear lights - sorry! Big round ones as I recall (and WM tells me they looked like a peace sign but I think he's thinking of the second car not the first!!)

Your ranunculus and anemones will flower in late winter to early spring depending on when you planted them and how cold winter is!

catsmum said...

My Hillman was a metallic blue and when, in the fullness of time, all the upholstery cracked [ no garage ] I re-upholstered it on my 1938 Singer Treadle ... no way could my Janome get through automotive vinyl but put a jeans needle in the old girl and there was nothing she couldn't do so long as it was straight stitch

Cass said...

Your garden does indeed look fabulous! Thanks for reminding me to get my bulbs planted! :)

I hear you on the puppies... them and babies just can't resist them!