Friday, May 21, 2010

My gosh

I went away on Saturday and never came back. Oh dear. Well I went to the art show and was blown away. This little country town, even littler than the one I live in, well there were hundreds of entries from all over the place. Absolutely amazing photographs that blew my mind. I never stood a chance. But it was such a magic time wandering around and seeing what worked and what didn't. My favourite was the animal section. I do think I'm drawn to photography of this sort. I enjoyed the whole experience. And how cool it was to walk down the aisle looking at photographs and see mine up there on the wall too. Big smiles!

I have these two wonderful new nephews who I adore. I love the way they call me "Ant Carol" with their American accents. And they are fun to photograph too. They've already learnt. When they see me they instantly look for the camera bag now, never one to miss an opportunity am I.


Credits here.

I can't even imagine how hard it must be for my sister-in-law and the boys. Being away from their family. Not being able to see their real aunts and uncles and grandma. Maybe that's why they are so affectionate to Mike and I. Who knows. I just know I love them both to bits. What a gorgeous boy David is growing up to be too. Watch out girls!

Well I have no plans this weekend. Not a one. I may do a little bit of cooking if the mood takes. I think I will go over and photograph Miss Nelli once again for Trevor and family. That won't be a hardship at all.

Oh and during the week, I went with some friends to see Abba Mania at the performing arts centre. A concert of a group who looked remarkably like Abba, singing all the hits. It was a lot of fun. And it did make me smile, the young kids in the audience, up and dancing. They weren't even born when Abba were huge. Do you remember when Fernando was number 1 here for absolutely weeks and weeks on end? What was your favourite Abba song.

I must admit I was partly more partial to the Bay City Rollers. Oh yes, I had roller strollers and everything. I must have had a thing for Scottish men all the way back then! ha.


Lynne said...

I was teaching kids in Abba's hey-day! Abba, Michael Jackson and a silly song called "Aga Doo" were popular!

Even my dad (who said music died in 1949 with few exceptions e.g. The Seekers) liked Abba!

amson said...

Now you are definitely younger than me. My baby sister, who is a whole 2 years younger than me, was a major fan of the Bay City Rollers and had the whole outfit. I was more a Led Zep fan. But I do remember when Fernando was number one for years or so it seemed.

Cass said...

Oh Congrats on entering the competition! It's nerve-wracking, to be sure, but such a thrill. I'm only a Mamma Mia Abba convert, a bit too young I'm afraid. But don't hold it against me ;)