Saturday, May 15, 2010


You gotta love weekends don't you? I headed to Geelong to spend a special day with my old workmates, the lovely girls who we get together and do beading or other such fun, like our fancy dress weekends. I have this lovely red beaded necklace which Mike gave me from a gift shop in town. We were able to work out how it was done so I've made a very similar green one which has thrilled me no end. Plus I made some drink markers, you know those little wine thingys that go around the stem of the glasses so you remember which drink is yours.

It's so much fun, lots of talking, and they get me to bring my latest photobooks down, and lots of fun plus we get to make things and actually finish them.

Sooooo tired now though.

Plus tomorrow I've entered my first ever photographic competition in Skipton. Judging has already happened but we can't get up there till tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how I went, I'm only in the novice section but you've got to start somewhere right?

Twolittlepixels has a few new designers in the shoppe now, and one is Roadside Designs with some absolutely fabulous templates to play with. Templates definitely have a place in digi scrapping, when you are lacking in mojo, when you want to get something down quick, when you need new ideas, and besides all that, they are just plain fun to use. Plus I love seeing them be used in so many different ways.

So I was able to put crops of a couple of the photographs I've entered in the competition in this template. Fun!


Credits here.


Lynne said...

Sounds like an enjoyable, if tiring, weekend.

catsmum said...

I know you said it's already decided but wishing you good luck anyway kiddo :]