Monday, April 26, 2010

Three for three

Three posts in three days, that would be a record for me. The long weekend has been and just about gone. Next week our new computer program starts at work, so it will be an interesting week for sure. I've been hoping it's akin to Y2K. Remember everyone thought the world was going to stop when the year 2000 rocked around. I'm hoping this is the same. We're thinking the worst, so hopefully it will all go smoothly tomorrow and beyond.

I got a rather nice surprise today when I saw Gallery Standouts and one of my pages was on it. I'm putting together as many pages of my stepson as possible so he'll be getting a book for his 21st birthday next January.


Credits here.

Do you remember your first car? Mine was nothing like this lovely car. Mine was a Datsun 1200, the most horrid shade of green, it was like a tank on wheels. It cost me all of $600 and I bought it from someone who lived up the road. I drove it for three years when it got to the stage it was leaking, brakes weren't working properly, my passenger front seat car broke so to keep it upright I had to stick an esky behind it (so unless someone was really REALLY short, no one could sit in my left back seat).

I limped it into a car yard one day and traded it in on my second car. The card yard man started it up (crossed fingers and it started first go, it hadn't done that in a while!) and he walked around it, kicked the tyres and rubbed his chin ready for the hard sell. He said "I can't give you more than $500 for it". My very quick "I'LL TAKE IT!" had him looking at me in surprise.

Over and out.


esther_a said...

Funny story! Datsun 1200s made a very distinctive noise, didn't they?! So do you have a photo of it?!

catsmum said...

Mine was a Hillman Hunter - a total lemon - sold to me by an uncle who worked at penfold motors and was supposedly looking after me. What a clunker,

Lynne said...

I had a white 1963 Ford Cortina. It had the longest gear stick you've ever seen which jumped out of gear in third if I started coasting down hill! I bought it from a friend whose fiancee was a mechanic (you know what they say about mechanics and their cars, carpenters and their homes, etc?) for $200 and sold it 18 months later for, you guessed it, $200!

Lynne said...

Forgot to say, hope all goes well at work with the new computer system!

Cheryl said...

I was a late starter actually owning a car... had access to many while living in Aussie but didn't need one full time...

First actual owned car was an electric blue Toyota Corona lift back... It managed several times to make me physically sick... it was only then that I found out about blue cars not being ideal for people who suffer from motion sickness... who knew!

Second car a Honda Civic... then I met Chris and can't keep up with the constantly changing cars!