Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another runner

I'm getting as bad as Amanda in posting, hahahaha (oh low blow huh Amanda?). Just that life is getting in the way from posting, which is a good thing really isn't it?

I want to talk about day light saving. I love it. Love being able to get home and not think that the whole day is over. I can get out and walk the dogs, do things in the yard (well I guess I CAN do things in the yard, except I don't, ha), but you know what I mean. But it's had a really strange effect in our household this year.

Every day (well 98% of the time) Bo the cat wakes up at 5am. She comes into our bedroom, jumps on the bed and gives me head butts to wake me up so I can get up to let her out. 5am folks. Just about every day. It's exhausting. I think also she's given up trying to wake up Mike because that just aint gonna happen. So when day light saving clicked over I thought bliss, she won't be in till 6am because she won't know the clocks have changed.

She still came in at 5am!!

I totally don't get it. How does she know it's 5am. Mike has even gotten to the stage thinking the cat can read the clock. Not possible I know. I'm just going to put this down in one of the wierd and wonderful things that make up our lives. But it still leaves us shaking our heads.

We've had a lovely day today. The weather was very spring like. My father-in-law came down, he's just come back from a holiday in Vietnam. I didn't dare dish him up a rice dish for lunch, he said he's eaten enough rice for a year. He enjoyed his trip very much and thank goodness was 5 days ahead of the typhoon over there. Number one step-son also called in for some lunch on his way back to Melbourne. So it's been very nice.

And before I go I want to share this page I did with creashens "Sweetness" kit, such a gorgeous kit to play with. And what a beautiful photograph of a dear friend's little girl. This photograph couldn't be displayed any other way than big, it's so precious. Obviously Tanya (or her hubby) is a very good photographer, I've got a lovely lot of pictures to play with of Miss S.


That's it from me, over and out. Australian Idol tonight, yay!


Lynne said...

Gorgeous photo - well done to the photographer!

I agree that's weird about your cat! Our cat is no longer allowed in the house in the morning - he was caught climbing in places he shouldn't have been so now he is fed by WM at 5.30 and has to stay on the back verandah until I get up!

Polly said...

Oh its a beautiful picture, I love it Carol.