Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yay it's here

The new washing machine FINALLY came today. I raced inside, squealed with glee and straight away did a load.

Stupid comment from my darling husband ... "You're like a kid with a new toy huh?"

"Errr no darling, the fact that I've not done the laundry for over a week now and I'm running out of knickers, more to the point".

So tell me - how many people would class a washing machine as a toy, as something fun to "play" with, as an enjoyable past time, need I go on? Mere male comment indeed. Urrrrgh.

It's late, my computer is on the go slow - SOMEONE used up our unlimited-monthly-broadband-internet-connecting-you-know-what-I-mean-supply. Obviously we've been to infinity and back, because how on earth you can use an unlimited supply I don't know. So we're down to ant speed until tomorrow! yay.

Pictures forthcoming. There may be ... knitting to show!


Margaret said...

Excitement comes with every new washing machine or neccessity in life it's a fact us women fet excited easily .

Lynne said...

A new washing machine when things reach desperation point is worth some squealing! But a toy? Definitely not!

Knitting? Surely not! LOL