Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mean ol' cat

I love this picture I took of one of my new nephews a few weekends ago. My brother has this cat named Bowie. Bowie and Trevor have been through some pretty rough times together, dare I say this cat even saw my brother through those rough times, and he's been a constant companion. But man oh man this cat is mean. He does let you pat him, and then decides enough is enough and takes a swipe, a bite, a scratch. Trevor has been known to actually have to hold him with motor bike gloves on in the past. But love him through all that, my brother does.

I must admit I was worried when Trevor got married and hey presto received two new stepsons into the package. Not worried about the family unit, no way, all is great. But worried about my two new nephews with this mean ol' cat in the house.

Errr, my misgivings were entirely thrown out the window. Bowie has taken to David and Matthew like he is their first born. haha He plays and rubs and generally hangs around them. What is it with animals? Sometimes they just sense a kindred spirit. Oh I'm sure Bowie still has his mean streak, but there is no way no how any of us could pick him up like David has here. I do believe Bowie may be the very first pet my two new nephews have had, so this does my heart proud. Look at that contented smile on Bowie's face. Priceless.


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Lynne said...

You told that story so well and David holding Bowie like that sure is a great picture.

Our Tom is a placid cat most of the time but the only one who could him like that would be WM - the rest of us wouldn't be game!