Thursday, October 15, 2009

Washing day blues

Not because it's raining, but because my washing machine has finally given up, dead, almost buried, kaput. Well, hang on, it still works, but only if I'd like water all over my laundry floor, which is kinda not the look I'm going for!

Not bad though, they say white goods have a life span of 5 years now don't they? Horrific I know. But my old washing machine was 16 years old. I certainly got my monies worth out of her. She has to be a her doesn't she? Tireless, trudging on, never pausing, always there when I needed her. ha.

I'm so unadventurous though, just replaced her with a similar model. I didn't go for any bells and whistles. And how original am I? I got another Simpson - why? Because my last one lived a long time? No. Because it had all the features I needed? No. Because it fit in the space we had? No. Why? Because it's my mum's maiden name!!! hahahaha Which is the reason I bought my last Simpson too.

Now some exciting news. Us digi scrappers looooooove to look at the Gallery Standouts blog. Love being inspired and seeing all the fabulously talented scrappers thereon, marvelling at their work. Lo and behold, my Mean ol' Cat layout ended up on it yesterday. YAY ME !

Check it out

And I was able to say a big ... "so there!" to Mike too. He really didn't like that page, he didn't like the big blocks of navy and aqua colour. What vindication!

So anyway, it was my mum's birthday recently so thought as I hadn't posted this page here previously, here we are.


Using Mothers Love by Michele Stone Designz with Stitches by Syrin

Well I need to get some things in order, I still haven't done my tax (gasp!) so that is a weekend job for me. I say every year I'll get it done straight away and every year I don't. Plus there's another visit to the vet planned on Saturday. Molly and Bo was last Saturday and Lucky this Saturday. I thought it was a visit fraught with a nervous breakdown if we took all three together, hence the split.

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Lynne said...

That's certainly the most original reason I've ever heard for buying a particular brand of washing machine!

Get your tax done early on Saturday so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend!