Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looks like I did a runner

Doesn't it? I haven't been back since before the big game. Oh for those who live either overseas or on another planet (if they live here and don't know, hmmmm) the Cats won. Oh my gosh what a match. We had Mr. T staying with us and he woke to find the loungeroom decorated with balloons, I had a football feast laid out for us for during the big match and what a match it was. I'm so very proud of Geelong and I know dad would have been too.

I honestly don't think I could go through another match like that, we were on the edge of our seats. When Chappy scored that goal over his shoulder in the dying minutes, Mr. T and I jumped up and hugged and jumped round and round and round screaming. Not bad for a 15 year old and his step mum huh? Once he realised he acted cool again! I love that we were both caught up in the moment. Mike decided to even up the score here at home and barrack for the Saints. te he, so there was a bit of rivalry going on.

So since then I've been down to Geelong and back, attended a 6 year old birthday party which was a lot of fun and I got a lot of good scrapbooking fodder through the lens! Oh yes, I'm like the family papparazzi that's for sure. My brother's new stepson, well I still say new, but they've been over here for more than a year now, turns 6 on Monday, the same day as mum's birthday. It was a really fun day.

After all the party goodies a planned going out for dinner for mum and I didn't eventuate, we were that stuffed, so we did coffee and then a movie. We saw Mao's Last Dancer. Oh my gosh it was good. I was that involved in the storyline, that after a particular dance and the audience (in the film) applauded afterwards, I inadvertently started clapping in the cinema, much to my horror. I was so caught up in it. Brilliant movie.

So driving to Geelong and back this weekend, what a treat. All the gorgeous canola fields, brilliant yellow. Such happy making vista. And the sea is happy making vista for me too. I caught this particular picture one lunch time recently when I was out and about with my camera when I escaped from work.


Credits here.


Lynne said...

Lovely photo.

I enjoyed your 'word picture' of the three of you watching the Game!

BTW, we want our Rugby League trophy back!! LOL

Amandac said...

lol I think I am one of those people who come from another planet Carol as I am not a footy follower and didn't remember there was a game until i came here! But I did enjoy the mental picture of you and your super cool SS jumping around the room *smiling still*. That is a gorgeous photo btw, I can almost smell the salt spray!

Polly said...

Such a beautiful picture Carol.

Victoria said...

Breathtaking photo!

I'm glad the transplants are enjoying Australia. I'm sure you have been part of making a loving transition.