Friday, September 25, 2009

One more day and we'll know

Tomorrow is the big game. I sooooo want the cats to win, please please please boys, do it for all the supporters. It's going to be one heck of a game with what did they forecast? Rain, hail, thunderstorms? Goodness. We have all our footy snacks ready, a big pot of soup will go on for lunch, Mr. T is here for the weekend and he's looking forward to it too.

Last night we had a really great night out. We went to see Lisa Williams in Melbourne. Who is Lisa Williams I hear you ask? If you don't have Foxtel or Austar you probably have never heard of her. Check her out here.

It was at Hamer Hall so it was a really large venue around 2000 people so the odds that she would find something to talk about with us, we were part of a group of friends who went, would have been extraordinary. And whilst Mike thought she was a bit vague with what she said early on in the night, she hit some huge home runs later in the evening with really left field comments that were true to the person she spoke to.

A friend asked me today if she had spoken to me what would I have wanted to say or was there a question I would have wanted to ask my dad, something I wanted answered? I thought about that, and the answer is no. My dad and I said everything we needed to say to each other before he died, he died knowing how much I loved him and vice versa. But I would like to know if he's still around, in spirit. Like is when we pass away just it, full stop, nothing more. Or are we still around in some form of light, love, or whatever you want to call it. Is he sitting here right now with me as I type, is he watching over mum as she sleeps, that kind of thing. That's all I would want to know. That and if he had no more pain.

Silly stuff isn't it? We could drive ourselves crazy with all these questions of the universe.

Here's a page I did a little while ago about my "flower moment" I had when my wedding flowers arrived. Did you have a "flower moment" too? My flowers were exactly as I had imagined, creamy white roses ringed with lavender, with smaller posies of the same for the girls. Gorgeous.


Credits here.

Enjoy tomorrow, and may the best team win (Geelong of course!!!)


ksharonk said...

Ummm ... so where's the 'big celebration' post? Huh huh huh? ;)

Amandac said...

Hey I just remembered that there are such things in the world as blogs again ROFL - stupid facebook is ruining my life. So how did the game go? Did Geelong win? I'm not much of a sports fan sorry Carol lol!

Your flower page is beautiful as always hun - I can't remember my flower moment, it was a loooong time ago but I have a vague feeling i liked them :)