Friday, May 22, 2009

That was a quick week

Going back to work mid-week and then straight to a training course will do that!! te he Just means I'm going to be busier next week though.

I got a wee bit excited before when I was downloading my emails. I get a regular email from ticketek to see what concerts and shows are coming up and I saw that Doctor Phil was coming to Australia. Woooo hooooo !!! There'd be no way I'd be able to drag Mike there, but by heck I'd find someone. Until I read further and looked at the Arena map. The crappy seats are $109 up to the decent ones at $309. EACH!!!! They sound like scalpers prices don't they? So sadly Doctor Phil will have to go on without me in the audience, I refuse to pay prices like that.

(Fine print ... unless it's Billy Joel!!! hahahahaha)

I have a weekend ahead where I know not what I plan to do, doesn't it sound delicious? Rest and relaxation will be high on the agenda. Mike is away bush and I plan to knit, scrap, perhaps a bit of baking, movie, and finish the border of the quilt. Perfection.

Here's a page I'd like to share, don't let this cute little face fool you, he's on a seek and destroy mission as far as teddy is concerned.


Credits here.


Chocolate Cat said...

I'd go to Dr Phil with you but those prices are ridiculous!!!! That page of Lucky is SO cute, are you sure him and Jimmy are not brothers????

esther_a said...

You've been such a gad-about gal the last few weekends. Must be time for some R&R! Enjoy!!

Lynne said...

I hope Teddy wasn't someone special. I'd cry buckets if that happened to my Ted!

Lucky is cute, tho'.

Enjoy your weekend [knitting, knitting, knitting!! te-he]

Amandac said...

Naughty but cute - that is Lucky! I love your series of photos carol! They really capture a lovely story of murder and mayhem rofl!