Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not a creature was stirring ...

Not even a mouse! All is quiet in the household. I can hear Molly softly snoring in the next room, Lucky is asleep up on the couch as the fireplace has made the loungeroom nice and cosy, Bo is in her basket. And I'm here busily scrapping my little heart out.

There's been a Sex and the City marathon on telly on Austar and I've had that playing in the background nearly all day. I'm just about Carrie'd out now! ha. I did escape for an hour and a bit and took some photos around town. Was hoping for some autumn leaves but they seem to have just about all blown off the trees. I stitched about a metre of the border of the quilt, nearly finished but not quite. But I haven't knitted a stitch (sorry Lynne!!).

I am playing catch up with my Project 365 pages and have just hit the start of May. I had such a terrific weekend, the first weekend in May that I decided the Saturday and the Sunday needed a page each, because I had gone overboard on the photo taking. So ... for your viewing pleasure, te he, here's a weekend in my life ...



Oh and if you have your specs on and can actually read my journalling, yes I know I spelt Escape in the first page as Esdape. I had already flattened and saved it when I realised so have left it as that for now and will fix up on my Shutterfly ready page. Credits here.

So now off to bed I go and join the Menagerie in their dreams. Night all.


esther_a said...

OK, I'm up late scrapping, too ;) But I DID just find a mouse in the pantry!!!! Eww!

Lynne said...

What?! No knitting?! Are you kidding?

Seriously, I hope you're enjoying your quiet weekend!

Amandac said...

Sounds like you are having the perfect weekend my friend! Your pages are as stunning as always and you took some great shots there! I hope Sunday turns out to be as relaxing and productive {hug}

Chocolate Cat said...

Definately too big a weekend for only one page!! They look great. Love it when my furry friends are sleeping and snoring!

Simply Vixen said...

oh carol
I just had to run over here to show you this lol

you are an inspiration... to us all!
woohoo gf
just luv'n every single page!!!