Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun fun fun today

I did mention I had a big weekend ahead. Today we went to Halls Gap to the Grape Escape. We go nearly every year, a fabulous food and wine show. Absolutely tired on my feet right now, but what a wonderful day. Lots of yummy foods and more wine than you can throw a stick at. Mmmmmm. Here's some pics from today. Halls Gap is probably one of my most favourite places to go and I could quite easily live there.

One of the many side roads.


Mike and his new hat!


A pretty flower that was hanging off one of the trees we walked by.


Hot air balloon rides, courtesy of the Airforce.


To our surprise a kangaroo hopped down the main street! And straight into a person's front yard.


Then posed in the garden for a photograph, LOL.


And finally ... one of my main reasons for going this year was to see Fast Eddy cook again. He's just lovely!!!! Poor guy, after Mike asked to take my photo with him, he had a line a mile long of women wanting the same photo!!!


Now I ask you, how can I top a superb day like today? You'll have to come back tomorrow and see what photos I come up with next. Hmmmmmm. :-)


esther_a said...

What a great day for it! We were in Halls Gap a few weeks ago - over Easter - and it was SOOO busy! You look like the cat that got the cream with Fast Eddy, lol!

Rose Red said...

Great photos Carol. Gee Mike looks just a bit like John Lennon in that photo!

I don't know who Fast Eddy is, but he's a bit of alright!!

Lynne said...

Sounds like a great day. Can you cap it off with some textured knitting? LOL
[Just kidding.]

Jodie said...

I love Eddy, and I love Mike's new hat :)

Polly said...

mmmm fast Ed is just a bit too good looking I think and he can cook too......*Sigh*

Belanna said...

Hmm, I don't know who Fast Eddy is but he looks suspiciously like one of my brothers...wonder if he's been moonlighting? Lol!

Great photos as ever Carol, and love Mike's new cap, very becoming!!! Hugz!