Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I say to Mike last night after I had done something or other, I can't even remember what it was, just that I was being particularly bright or smart or helpful ... I say to him "so where would you be without me?" And quick as a whip without even thinking he replies "I'd be an eligible bachelor".

Too quick a reply my love!


Credits here.

Using the fabbo new collaborative "Green" kit by creashens and Joana Carvalho. Lots of yummy goodness to play with in that kit.

Seriously though, I need a vote please. Who thinks Mike needs to do something with these glasses? He hasn't had his eyes checked in donkeys years and these are for when his eyes are tired and he needs to see distances. I remember being at the local football match watching his no. 1 son umpiring in this photo, hence needing the glasses. But he needs to mod it up a bit, am I right? I will need to drag him to OPSM kicking and screaming.

So I still had more photos to share from last weekend, I told you I gave the camera a real workout didn't I? There's a fabulous carousel down at the waterfront. I couldn't help grabbing my mum's bestie for a ride, the rest of the stick in the muds didn't want to go, Mike sat there giggling and snapping. Well we had fun anyway. You're only as young as you feel right? And ... well ... the kids in the line didn't seem to mind, ha! I think the fact I wove to the camera every time we did a loop on the carousel seemed to negate our coolness of being on it.


This carousel really is beautiful and was restored from an old carousel. I took photos of some of the originals that they have displayed there. From old to new.




Pretty huh? There's something very magical about these horses.


The Josephs Family said...

Coming from an Optometrist's wife and person who sells glasses... YES!!! Mike definitely needs an update! Plus, he might be needing a bifocal! :(

esther_a said...

I love those 'before' shots! I can see them looking stunning on a LO made with stuff from the Green kit! Lovely LO! Yes, without you, Mike would be an eligible bachelor with daggy glasses! ;)

Bells said...

Ooh the horse photos are gorgeous.

And yes, Mr Mike does need new glasses I think. Totally round specs are soooo dated. (Sorry Mike!)

I reckon he needs a rectangle frame.

Chocolate Cat said...

You know if Mike holds onto those glasses long enough they will be fashionable again!!! I love that carousel, something magical about it.

Lynne said...

I love the most unrestored horse best!

Ah carousels - I used to love them, especially when the horses went up and down. I wonder where I can find one....

Amandac said...

Wonderful photos Carol! Looks like you had an amazing time!

Cheryl said...

I love Merry go Rounds... something super special about them... means you don't have to grow up I guess!

Mikes glasses! MMMMM they need to be LOST or BROKEN so he can't wear them!

YEP drag him kicking and screaming if necessary to the nearest Optometrists!!!!! sooner rather than later!