Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi honeys, I'm home !!

Well actually I got home yesterday afternoon from an absolutely wonderful weekend full of laughs and fun and great times and great company. We stayed at Memory Lane Cottages in Granny's Attic (the cottage on the left as you're looking at the picture). It was built around 1830 and was jam packed full of memorabilia. Heck, I opened a drawer and there was a newspaper from 1913 in it !

It was just what we were wanting but were warned in advance that there were steep stairs inside and indeed they were. Very hard on the knees first thing in the morning coming down. But we managed. Can you even imagine in bygone days the ladies in the long skirts toting a baby up the stairs. If they could manage, then by joves we would too.

It was cold though, brrrrrrr. We made sure the log fire was pumping every night, and our beds were really high soft as soft beds with very warm cosy doonas on them and crochet blankets on top of that.

Tassie for the weekend for us was to grab a hire car straight from the airport and head immediately to Cadburys !! A girl has to have priorities right? And besides, they're not open on weekends. Lucky they had a post it home service, Mike was astounded when he saw the big box arrive in the post today. ha. We helped the economy of Hobart at Salamanca Market on Saturday, decided that Mt. Wellington was a bit hairy so went up Mt. Nelson instead for a view of Hobart. Enjoyed a lovely day on Sunday roaming about the countryside. I am in love with Richmond, meandering through the little shops of crafts and antiques. The day was still cold but sunny. Perfect for travelling. Went fruit liqueur tasting at a Fruit Farm in Sorell and just had a lovely time driving about, everywhere you looked there was a vista for the eyes (not to mention the camera).

So here are some of my images of Tassie from the weekend. Enjoy.

A bit scary when you can't even see the top of Mt. Wellington, the view from Salamanca Market, no way was I driving up there!!
Can't see the top of Mt Wellington

Drove up Mt. Nelson instead for a lovely view, here is Bruny Island.

I am seriously in love with Richmond, I could have spent all day there.

Too bad the sun was where it was, but you have to make do when travelling right?

I adore Richmond Bridge, the oldest bridge in Australia.
Richmond Bridge

Oh, did I say I liked Richmond Bridge?!?

When not taking a picture of the bridge, I was taking a picture from on top of the bridge, LOL.

Then back on the other side of the bridge!! te he.

Very happy ducks floating up the river.

Then up to St John's Church which was just beautiful, I lit a candle for my dad.

Don't be fooled by that blue sky, it was cold!!
St Johns Church Richmond

I had to go visit the old cemetary, just to see how old the headstones were, such history.

How's this for an array of fruit supplied by the fruit farm at Sorell.

Loved the red in the old strawberry patches.

More from the fruit farm.

Somewhere on the road back home, vistas like this all round, thank heavens the girls were keen on stopping the car for my photographs.

Funny how with the above photo I was facing one way then the minute I turned the other to the setting sun, the colour was completely different.

Then all good things do come to an end, Monday came too soon and we were back in the plane flying home, absolutely rested and relaxed. I was sitting next to Lisa on the plane and she looked out the window and said "Bye Hobart, bye uninterrupted sleep, bye having my dinner while it's hot, bye having my cup of tea in one sitting" te he. Not that she'd trade it for the world you know, but it's nice for that little bit of time out.

Oh but before I go and I'm sure she won't mind (I hope!!) but I got to meet Jodie from Sharon's twolittlepixels team. We met for a coffee and cake, it was so lovely, never having met before, but it was like meeting back up with an old friend. Hey and check out the scarves, could they be any more similar? LOL


Night all, I'm off to a training course tomorrow so it's an early start, so to bed for me!


Rose Red said...

Isn't Tasmania great!! I took about 25 photos just of Richmond Bridge!!

SaschkaH said...

Ok I want to go there now! Beautiful pictures hon - looks amazing!

Mozer said...

Awesome photos!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Wow, I am so jealous!!
looks like a great weekend, your photography is fabulous, loved that last sunset shop especially...and the headstones...etc etc!

Victoria said...

You have such a great eye for framing a photo! Fabulous scenery and I love the bridge and the headstones.

You asked about a noogie. It is when someone grabs you in a headlock,then rasps their knuckles along your scalp.

Chocolate Cat said...

Love all the photos! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love Tassie and Richmond is one of my favorite places (oh and Cadburys!!)

Amandac said...

Wow Carol! WOW wow! I LOVED all your photos! That sun setting one was breathtaking! I really want to go back to Tassie now (but with a new camera like yours I think!) you have just reminded me how gorgeous it is. You and Jodie look like two peas in a 2LP pod! She looks as lovely as I thought she would from her pages and her comments here :). So glad you had a fabulous time hun!