Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When life throws you lemons - make lemonade!

My motto has always been to look on the bright side, the cup is always half full, a frown is just a smile upside down. Sickening I know! I'm exhausting to be with, but I can't help it.

So in thinking of my next digi scrapping project my mind went back to Christmas. I had desperately wanted to take a good photo of my niece and nephew. I wanted them to be sitting still with big smiles and shiny faces, looking like the sweet cherubs they are (hmmm, well most times anyway!) But no ... Sean was into pulling faces that day with Jessica egging him on, and the resultant photos have been tucked away since that day.

Until now. I thought they would be perfect for this project and I'm thrilled with the result. I'll probably get this page printed off and even framed for their mum and dad. So it's true then - when life throws you lemons - make lemonade!


Gorgeous freebie Kit – Love Notes by Vintage Charm from Megan Leeson, downloaded from ksharonk’s blog (big thank you for this). Tears from Stephanie Krush. Staples Basic Set from Valeri Brumfield. Stitching freebie. Font Antique Type.


ksharonk said...

Oh, isn't this beatiful? Thanks so much for linking us up! I've sent Megan the link too! :)

kitchenwitchnh said...

what a great blog you have, love your layouts. Will be adding you to my list of blogs to keep visiting.

mejane said...

What gorgeous kids - I love photos that show character and personality, better than formal shots. Love the layout of that page Sapph!