Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend awaits

I have the house to myself tomorrow so I will back Aliza's blanket with the minky. I can't stop stroking the darn thing, I think I'll wear out it's softness. Have I mentioned, I bought the minky online, from USA, and even with the exchange rate and postage it still worked out cheaper than buying it from Australia. Online shopping rocks!!!

So all being well there will be a picture of a finished baby blanket over the weekend. Promise.

So my digi scrap offering for tonight is hubby. Took the camera into the sacred zone yesterday (cue "oooooohs" and "aaaaaaahhhhs"). Amongst some stupid faces he pulled, I got these two normally serious ones. Now I tell you that man LOVES his shed. It was enough just to get him to go on a one week honeymoon with me, of which I jokingly took a picture of the shed packed in our bags, just in case he missed it too much! It comes from working from home I guess, his shed is his office. To me though it's just a place with lots of machines and sawdust! Urrrrgh.

Background paper – Sprung by Kim Christensen. Dark Border – Sprung by Kim Christensen. Light border – Charmed by Amber Clegg. Stitching – from Bluish Dream kit by Lively (love that scrappy stitching!!!). Staples from Shabby Fall kit by Shabby Princess Kristie. The screw was a freebie download which I’m not sure from where now (sorry). Font – Antique Type.

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Bells said...

oh I love it! I really love it. That's a great one!

ps love the profile photo of you too!