Monday, February 12, 2007

How positively awesome is this?

Hubby and I went to visit a farm in the area yesterday so we could work out the camera once again. Apparently these Scottish Highland Cattle were here all along and I had no idea, firstly where they were and secondly how magnificent they are. Then hubby mentions he knew the fellow who owned them and as a coincidence he was there tending to them as we drove past.

What a delightful man he was, he took us in and showed us around. I was walking in amongst them in the paddock. I was also in the paddock with the BIGGEST DARN BULL YOU'VE EVER SEEN!!!

They are amazing animals. Very curious and will follow you, although just quietly knowing there's a big animal behind you with horns the size of those was a little disconcerting. But the minute you turn around and look at them they get very skittish and back away. It was just the greatest hour learning all about them, here's some pics I took yesterday. The babies just wanted to make you melt, they looked like ewoks (is that what you call them???)

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Cinnamon Jewels said...

Ohhh gosh they're gorgeous!

Bells said...

how wonderful! You know I don't like cows much (they scare me) but they look like cute, cuddly cows. Great photos Carol!

mejane said...

They are the hairiest cattle I've ever seen! Great pics.

I'm a big fan of cows, we were once contemplating getting a miniature breed (hubby would remember the name, but I've a hopeless memory). They have the sweetest faces and seem so placid and content.

ksharonk said...

Oh my goodness ... these are such CUTE calves, I've just called Tashy over to admire them too! Gorgeous photos! :)

AlleyCat said...

they are just gorgeous aren't they!!!!