Saturday, February 24, 2007

Woe is me :-(

I decided that I was going to strip the beds today and wash all the sheets and doona covers. Good plan. Until the washing machine stopped and I went to get them out and found bits of tissue EVERYWHERE! Even though I was at home alone I was about to fume, started ranting and raving, smoke coming out my ears ... until I sheepishly remembered taking a tissue to bed with me the other night because of a sniffly nose. It must have gotten caught up with the sheets or pillow case.

Well, the secret stays with me and the cat right, oh and anyone else who reads this. No one needs to know that I was about to blame everyone except myself. Right? We can share a secret can't we all? Deal?

Speaking about the cat, I know, I have an obsession with my dog and cat so bear with me. Here's a layout I scrapped today. I knew in my head how I wanted it to look, kind of opposites but the same. It didn't quite turn out how my head had it, but I like it just the same. I think it all works. Would welcome opinions, because these layouts are just flipping out of my head and I am not sure of the "rules" of layouts, where pictures are best suited, etc etc.

Credits : Beautiful background papers – from Mono-Pack Essentials by Gina Cabrera of Digital Design Essentials. Spotted paper and notepaper from Bohemian Poetry kit by Tracy Collins, Retrodiva. Doodle (the cream one was recoloured) and stitching from Bluish Dream kit by Lively. Staples form Shabby Fall kit by Shabby Princess Kristie. Font- Antique Type.

Now, back to household chores. I bought a new ironing board cover yesterday and I'm quite excited about it. Which really depressed me. Since when did I turn a corner and get to the point of being excited about an ironing board cover?!? That just sounds so wrong doesn't it. But anyway it's made out of a cross between t-shirt/windcheater material and fits the board beautifully. I've never seen an ironing board cover made out of that kind of material before, hence my excitement!

Sad really, isn't it? Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Cheers.

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Bells said...

tissues in the wash suck. I am a big one for that. I will never tell your secret!

I don't know a lot about graphics but those layouts look great! Nice contrast, but enough similarity to really work (I think).

And as for ironing board covers, I'm torn. Finding a good one could make life that much easier, but you probably are losing the plot a bit by getting so excited about it! Let me know if you get excited about buying teatowels or something and we'll have to seek help for you!