Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with 2013, in with 2014...

So here we are at the end of 2013.  I've never liked New Years Eve.  Always so much pressure to make it a great one, because if you don't it's like you've stamped an omen on how the rest of the new year will turn out.  So we again have chosen to just chill here at home.  I made Mike his obligatory New Years Eve pavlova which he is tucking into with gusto, okay and I had a small slice too!  He's finishing watching a TV show and then we're popping a movie on to see us through to the New Year.  He'll go outside and play Auld Lang Syne on his bagpipes up and down the driveway at midnight (which has become a tradition and the neighbours look forward to it).  We'll make a few phone calls back to his relatives in Scotland and then we'll hit the sack.  All quite ordinarily boring I guess, but it suits us.  

But what we do do, is take stock as to how the year has gone.  We've both had a really terrific year.  Mike's business is booming, he can't keep up with orders, which is a good thing for a sole business owner.  I have gone from strength to strength with my running and just love it more than I thought possible, that sense of freedom knowing this old body is coming to the party and doing things I didn't think possible.  I'm maintaining a weight loss, fluctuating 3-4 kg though, so I do need to take hold of that.   I moved into a new role at work when our HR office closed down and am enjoying it.   I got to go to America this year on a girl's trip, what a great hubby for encouraging me to do that.  Actually one of the things Mike said to me at Christmas time was that he loved watching me this year, watching my confidence bloom and sky rocket.  What a nice thing to say.  We just need to work on the work/life balance for Mike and it will be yet another great year ahead, with lots of goals in store for me.

I really like this piece, it's been making the rounds of facebook so I've popped it here.  I think it's a perfect 7 Rules of Life to take on board.  It really resonated with me.  I hope you enjoy it as well and there's something you might take from it.

I bought home a boutique bourbon for Mike tonight and set about trying to photograph it but was duly photo bombed!!  The label said it was whiskey, cloudy apple and maple.  Mike said it was delicious.  It sounded like a red hot mess to me!

So from our house to yours, I want to wish you a happy new year.  May we all go from strength to strength in 2014, may we slam our goals out of the ball park, and overcome any obstacles that may stand in our way.  May we rise up against all odds and make ourselves proud.  We all owe it to ourselves.  Yes?

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Lynne said...

Sounds like 2013 was good to both of you. May 2014 bring more of the same or better!