Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day!!

So here's a quick view (or not so quick, depending on how you look at it) of how Christmas Day panned out for us.  So relaxing hiding out here in our little town, just enjoying Christmas day, the two of us, we make it special, we spend it quietly, and it's just brilliant.

I got up early, it was going to be a warm one, and went for a 4km run.  I had promised myself I would do this Christmas morning, complete with Santa hat.  Okay, so there's a reason that Santa is not a runner, oh boy!  My hair was literally dripping wet by the time I got home, it's pretty darn hot running in a furry hat in this weather.  Not many people out, not like in the days when I was a kid, we'd be out playing with our toys as soon as we were able.  Things have certainly changed.  Although I did get a few toots as I headed home down the main street of town.

Breakfast over and it was time to give the menagerie their presents from Santa.  Looks like I have their undivided attention here.  Although whilst Molly wasn't sure of the fuss, Lucky took off with his little green bone and chewed and chewed it.  And it's still in one piece.  Winner!

I set up the tripod for a quick pic, must admit there were a few arse shots whilst I was trying to jump on the porch next to Mike.  They will not see the light of day!!

Hmmm, hard to cut the ham when there are eyes on me.  Lucky was patiently waiting for me to throw him a tidbit, so Mike decided to wait as well!!  The ham, courtesy of our local butcher who smokes it here in town, was absolutely BRILLIANT.

I had gotten to, oh mid last week, not even contemplating what I was going to make for dessert this year.  We don't do the whole plum pudding thing unless we are elsewhere for Christmas lunch.  I usually grab some recipe out of a magazine or online an decide that will be it.  Very late in the piece I decided on a Chocolate Fudge Brownie cakey slice thing.  Definitely not on 12wbt.  But everything in moderation, right?  And well ... I did run this morning!

Complete with blueberries and raspberries and served with a scoop of icecream, it was AMAZING.  But oh so rich.

Bon Bons were cracked, but these ones I got from Darriwill Farm did not have corny jokes in them, they were more about facts, and actually had good little prizes in them.  Well worth it.  But of course they still had a silly paper hats.

The dogs also got spoilt with Christmas lunch, which I can tell you was devoured and the bowls licked completely clean.

Mike even did the dishes, he was really smiling, but decided to scowl for the camera!  His stomach by this stage was smiling broadly.  

What a day, perfect perfect weather for Christmas, the sky was blue, there was no wind, and it was warm.  We actually had the air conditioner on in the afternoon, I think it got to a top of 30 in the end, that's 86F for you Northern Hemisphere peeps.

We love to prolong the agony, and decided to unwrap the presents after lunch.  We did however unwrap pressies from our Christmas stockings earlier.  Mike loves to play the guessing game, it takes him an age to open a present.

Amongst a number of sporting things, which I'll go through later, I got this great book, you think Mike might be telling me something???  This is the story of Kathrine Switzer, who was the first woman to run the "all male" Boston Marathon back in 19 (something or other).

By late afternoon we were pooped.  The best part of Christmas here at home is that we can just lounge around.  I went out and found the cat had gone to sleep.

Molly was completely disinterested and dozed and gazed and dozed and gazed.  She just wasn't sure what the fuss was all about, although she did like her lunch!  Must admit, last year we wondered if she'd see this year and so glad she has.

Even Lucky, who never stops carked it in the afternoon.  Just waiting to get his second wind up.

And what can I say, there are no words!!!

Look who got very spoilt, a beautiful set of pearls - necklace and earrings!   Hmmm, the man is romantic, this was not on my radar.

And all good things come to an end.  Made some phone calls, checked in with my bestie to see how she was faring for the day.  And you'll never believe it, her hubby got her a pearl necklace and earrings too.  What are the odds!!!   We decided tonight to just chill and watch a DVD (Gravity) and sip coffee (courtesy of the new coffee machine Mike got for his birthday from his family) and just enjoy the aftermath of the day.   What a beautiful evening it had turned out to be.

And that my friends is how Christmas came to pass in this neck of the woods.  I hope yours was also a brilliant day.  We get to do it all tomorrow again, but just easier, as the kids are all coming for dinner.  It will be a relaxed affair and so nice to just enjoy each other's company and exchange gifts.

I have the menu planned - just a pick what you want to eat:

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Lynne said...

Weather cool and raining. Pancakes for breakfast. Made fruit platters, stored in fridge for later. Knitting on the drive. Fed lunch to 120 poor/lonely souls. Knitting on the drive. Change clothes. More knitting, more driving (short trips). Time with friends, carol singing, unexpected gifts, delicious Christmas cake. More driving and knitting. Change again. Call family. miss DD. Ham sandwich in front of TV watching Carols by Candlelight. My most unusual Christmas Day.