Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing Day and beyond...

Still catching up, so many photos and stories to tell.  So Boxing Day was our day with the kids.  Sounds funny calling them kids now that they are all young adults.  Such a fun and different relationship we have with them as young adults, it's so wonderful.

So all the dishes I decided to make turned out fantastically and went down a treat.  We had Bon bons, and got to love Aaron, Tabby's young man, he wore his paper hat all evening, and even got in the car ready to drive home still wearing it.  I don't know if it was more to please me or he forgot he had it on!

So first things first, they know the drill. A family photo courtesy of the tripod and self timer.  I told them. No photo = no food!  Ha.  Bribery knows no bounds where there are memories to keep!

The beautiful Gingerbread House that I had made as a surprise.  The daughter of One of the ladies at work were making them this year and I ordered one.  The most delicious gingerbread ever.  I was delighted when I received it.  It had our name on the roof, and there were two dogs and a kitty with Lucky, Molly and Bo's names piped on them.  I was sooooo nervous driving this home and Mike was in awe when he saw it.  

We won't talk about the split in Lucky.  I had the house which was all wrapped in cellophane on the kitchen table and the cat jumped up on the table, something she NEVER does, so it must have been the smell she was attracted to.  And before I knew it she had her paw up almost pointing at the house, and Lucky got a split in him.  Typical love/hate relationship she has with him.  Out of anything that could have broken, she broke him!  I kind of put him back together with a smear of butter ready for when I brought it out to the surprise of the kids.

Just some snaps.  Me and the beautiful Britt.  She really is the most beautiful young woman, inside and out.

Mike and the boys.  Oh boy!  The rivalry now that they are older and Tristan has found his voice, and his muscles!  If Wes said black, Tristan said white.  Having said that it is nice seeing Tristan excel at his physical fitness which is something he has gotten into.  And Wes likewise, going from strength to strength with his football umpiring.

Tabby opening up one of her gifts with Aaron (still wearing the paper hat) looking on adoringly!  Gosh those two love each other.

And Britt's dog Samson, absolutely knackered after running around with Lucky for a couple of hours, ready to head home.  The pic with the tongue hanging out cracks me up!

But before I go, I want to wind back to Christmas Eve, we got a very VERY special gift.  Tab and Aaron came out to visit and had a card for us.  Mike said he'd put it under the tree and open it on Christmas Day, but they were very insistent he open it straight away.  And so he did, and I hear a whoop!  And the card had a sweet ultrasound photograph on it and inside it said "Dear Grandpa and Grandma, Merry Christmas, see you on June 28th".  We're going to be grandparents!!!!!

So exciting!  They've been through a lot those two, five miscarriages, including a devastating molar pregnancy which saw Tab being tested for cancer and being monitored weekly from the Royal Women's Hospital for six months.  They are now past the danger stage, the doctor is happy, Tab feels terrific and there's a sweet healthy growin baby on the ultrasound.  I can't tell you the emotions going through us right now, life is definitely good.

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Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Boxing Day.
The gingerbread house looks fabulous -- DD and WM decorated ours again this year. We bought the kit, including icing and lollies through a fundraiser at church.
Exciting news -- I honestly was not looking forward to being a grandmother but Older Grandson held my heart in his dear little hands from very early on! You will love it, I'm sure! It's the most amazing experience!